New Additions

Here are a few pics of a new chair and basket/vase from Downeast (a local overstock store that I hunt at every now and then). These are in the library, but I am in the works of turning the library into my office too.  Still working on the organizing of the desk area.  Sigh.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the green floral pillow... it reminds me an avocado actually... but the look and texture are just perfect for a little something unexpectedly simple and small.

    Oh- and I am going to try quinoa instead of rice and see how the family fares... what's the worst that can happen... they get healthy? LOL

  2. Love all the great finds! In my Google Reader, that woven vase looked like a huge glass vase filled with wine corks, and I thought, "Now THERE'S someone I should be friends with!"

  3. I love the look. So eclectic yet refined. Where did you get the green pillow from? It is fabulous!

  4. The green pillows are from pottery barn, but I got them last fall. They are amazing, no? I love them too!


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