The Secret Garden at the Mirage

So Vegas knows how to make a "zoo" amazing! We took the kiddos to the Secret Garden at the Mirage. It is really neat to see the dolphins up close... I mean you can get right up to the pool and touch them. My kids were playing ball with a dolphin! There was a baby dolphin and a baby leopard, and they were darling. I have never seen white lions, tigers, and leopards so well groomed and fed! These cats are very well taken care of and they are remarkably beautiful. I was very impressed with this place! It is one of the few great things to do with the family in Vegas. We also went to the Red Rocks and did a little hiking. Red Rocks is neat, just because you don't expect a place like that right outside of Vegas. It doesn't really compare to the beauty of southern Utah though. Hopefully I'll be able to download pictures again soon:)


Citrus in the Kitchen

There are many lotions and soaps out there, but in the kitchen, I always go back to Williams-Sonoma Essential Oil Collection. I used to be hooked to the Pink Grapefruit version. But this spring I'm in love with the Meyer Lemon and Persian Lime! Citrus is oh so yummy! And it helps that it is natural and "Earth-friendly."


Stars Wars Obsession

For the past 3 months my children, especially I-Man, have been obsessed with Star Wars. We have watched all 6 movies and the new Clone Wars movie. Mr. D and I-Man love to play the Legos Star Wars Wii together. I-Man basically had a Star Wars birthday and added many figures and light sabers to the collection. Well, we had such a cute moment tonight amid the yucky details of the 3rd movie. Ashy started crying because she was so upset that Anakin is the one that turned into Darth Vader. After the Clone Wars movie and cartoons, you really grow an attachment to Anakin. Much more than the first 3 movies. Ashy is so cute and so loving! I felt terrible that she had to learn that bit of information. At such a young age it is hard to understand the bad in the world. I guess at any age it is hard to understand. I wish that we could shield our children from the bad forever! On a side note...why are there so many weird names and details in Star Wars ? Mr. D and my kids are great at remembering everything. Me, not so good.

"O" at the Bellagio

Finally! Finally! We have had our business in Vegas for almost 3 years, and in all those years I have been wanting to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show. It is hard to get away from the kiddos and we have not had a lot of babysitting options, but this time down, we were able to work something out. Mr. D did surprise me 2 years ago with a night out to see Celine Dion! I was so excited because I really wanted to see her perform before her show ended! She did not disappoint. Her show was amazing! I was also able to see Mama Mia with some of my friends during one of our girl vacations. But, there are so many shows to see here, and I love to go to shows! Broadway shows, musicals, plays... you name it. I miss going to them. So, thanks Mr. D! Thanks for a fun night out! I loved "O". It was eclectic and creative. It was beautiful and shocking. The talent of those performers is quite amazing! There is so much going on every moment that it is hard to take it all in. I think I need to see it again. :) Now, on my list for next time..... Phantom at the Venetian; KA, Mystere, and LOVE. Oh! and I would like to see the Lion King again. So, at the rate I'm going. It might take 5 years for me to complete this list! Good luck to me.


Layla Grayce

So, the other day I'm flippin through the ELIZA magazine and I come across an add for this cute store. I get online to check it out, and what do I find? The most adorable store with the most adorable bedding, aprons, home decor, clothes, etc., etc. I can't wait to check out all of the goodies this store has to offer! You'll love it! It is called Layla Grace.

Great Magazine Deals

I got an email from RealSimple with a great magazine subscription special.... just wanted to pass on this great deal just in case you're in the market for a new subscription. I know I always love a deal! Just go to this link to check out the mags.
Time Warner, the parent company of Real Simple, gives their employees up to 94% off the cover price on dozens of popular magazines. On rare occasions, we have the chance to share these deeply discounted prices with our friends and family. And best of all, this opportunity comes just in time to simplify the holiday gift giving season. At Real Simple, we value our subscribers and want to share this special employee offer with you!I've provided instructions to share this opportunity with your friends and family.Click - Copy - Paste - Share this url:www.realsimple.com/FAF



I heart magazines! I used to be a big book reader, and although I still love books, I find that with the kids, it is hard for me to really "dive" into a book lately! I'm hoping to take advantage of my time this week, though, and try to finish the book I've been working on for some time.... oh! how a moment on the beach, with a book, and a pina colada sounds dreamy right now!

Well, magazines have become my thing lately. A couple of months ago, I discovered a great new find! ELIZA. It is a unique, modest and modern (i know those two words are not usually seen together often) newer magazine. They highlight women's interests, featuring fashion and beauty information, current issues, and real life problem solving, all while keeping perspective on what's really important in life. I especially appreciate the artistic element of their photography and enjoy the little history bits throughout the magazine. It is definitely worth a look.

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

I have been trying to upload my Easter pictures for a week now, but we've been having computer issues. So, hopefully I can post those soon. Right now, I'm in Vegas with the family. Isaac is off track and we decided to take advantage of the time and enjoy the kid-friendly part of Vegas! Surprisingly, there is quite a bit to do here that the kiddos enjoy.


Tulie Bakery

After having Baby G, my sister brought me the most amazing triple layer coconut cake. I can't even explain how yummy that cake was! I found that she has a friend that works at a new bakery called Tulie. Not only is this cute bakery stylish and modern, it has excellent and unique food. I have only tried a few items on their menu, but everything that I've had so far has been excellent! I really enjoyed their quiche, vanilla pound bread, and refreshing arugula salad. Tulie Bakery offers elegant cakes, cupcakes, morning pastries, sandwiches, and more. I can't wait to taste more yummy food. Sis, thanks for the good find! Yumm-o!

Tulie Bakery
863. E 700 S.
Salt Lake City


Mothers Day Ideas

This is a great site for jewelry and they have some great ideas for mothers day! I got my mom one of these necklaces and D got me one! ( I picked it out of course) :)

I heart Serena and Lily

One of my favorite bedding companies is Serena and Lily. They make the most beautiful organic bedding. They also have darling baby and children gifts. After having Baby G, I have been on the hunt for baby slings and this is my favorite yet!

Safari Finger Puppets

Let your fingers do the talking with these Safari Finger Puppets, hand-knit by a collective of knitters in Kenya. You can point your kids toward sustainably designed toys with a set of these personable animals, made from all naturally renewable materials. The lion, giraffe and elephant, snake, zebra and monkey all travel really well in a diaper bag, as small, fun-filled toys for play on the go... at restaurants, on airplanes, in the car. Kids will love donning these wild animals on their tiny fingers, or watching you come up with impromptu puppet shows. You'll never have to ask where "Thumbkin" is again.

Lovin' Old School Toys

In honor of Little People's 50th birthday, Fisher-Price has released four commemorative play sets designed to look like the ones we remember when we played with Little People.

Each set includes Little People designed to look like the classic Little People and a take along case with handle. Toys included with play set store in the case. Choose from: Play 'n Go Farm, Play 'n Go School House, Play 'n Go Fire Station and Play 'n Go Home.

Color Wheel Earrings

These earrings are fabulous! I think they are perfect for Spring/Summer. I just love the jewelry at Anthropology.


Snowy Day Puppets

Well, it is the end of March and we are still having cold, snowy days. Luckily, Martha Stewart, has these darling craft sets from Michael's that you can get to entertain kids. We had fun making them, and they put on a creative and cute little show.

Project: Organize Mudroom

So, one of my many projects this spring, is to organize the mudroom. We used to have one basket of shoes for the kids, but now, with our growing family and growing kids, that basket was getting chaotic. Plus, we had the issue of socks.... not wanting to get them, where to put them.... Our mudroom needed an adjustment. So, I went to IKEA and got this cute organizer and baskets. I'm hoping this solves the problem. Each kid has a basket for shoes, and a basket for socks! Yah! I know it is weird to have the socks in the mudroom, but it is working for us! Also, I finally have a place for my purse. Ahhhh! Now on to the next project.
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