Happy Things~Guest Blogger: Petit Elefant

Today, Allison from Petit Elefant Blog is answering a few questions so we can get to know her better 
and find out what makes her happy!  We met a few months back, and I have to say, 
she is very kind and happy person, plus I love her sense of humor!  
You'll see when you check out her blog, she has a great sense of humor.  
She has a lifestyle blog where she shares all her favorite tips and finds. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Well, what I wanted to be when I was little was either a journalist, a la Christiane Amanpour, or a National Geographic photographer.  I'm totally happy what I'm doing now, blogging, writing, taking photographs, traveling, being a mom. 
Product you can't live without?
It's this sunscreen/moisturizer called Nia 24. I seriously squeeze the last drop out of the tube, I love it that much.  It smells like heaven, is a super high SPF, and makes me feel luxurious!  

Favorite place you've been?
It's a toss up between Puerto Vallarta, Mexico {which is as close to heaven as I can imagine} and Boston, Ma.  Isn't that weird, they're so different, but I loved them both.

Dream vacation?
Bahamas, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba.  I'd love to see all those places with my family.  Spend a year just traveling, staying in little huts on beaches with my husband and kids.  In my dreams, this is where I'd go. 
Favorite Restaurant/Food?
I love really, really good Mexican.  Utah's actually pretty decent when it comes to Mexican, but there was this place in San Diego, this tiny little shack off the beach that had the best burritos ever.  I'll take Cafe Rio chicken salad any day of the week though.
Favorite TV show?
Well, right now it's a toss up between Modern Family {start watching today if you aren't already.  Hi-to-the-LARIOUS} and Vampire Diaries.  I love them both for different reasons, but I can't miss either of them.

Favorite movie?
Room with a View?  The Mission?  Ferris Bueller's Day off?  Empire of the Sun?  I have a lot of favorites.

Favorite treat?
Black licorice.  I can eat a whole bag all by myself.

How do you like to relax?
Sitting on the beach with a cold drink and a tabloid magazine.  Doesn't get better than that.  I like to run, go antiquing, thrifting, decorate, garden, travel.  

5 LOVES: movies- they're the best, diet dr. pepper, my FAVORITE, my bed--slumber heaven, my husband and kids, can't live without them, travel.
5 HATES: mean, shallow people, my forest green carpet, cold weather, fish, I hate the fact that I can't be 10 places at the same time.
Thanks Allison for sharing the things that make you happy!   I'm a lover of Dr. Pepper too! 
And I am also a fan of Modern Family, thus the post below on Julie Bowen's house.
I have yet to see Vampire Diaries.  I think I need to check it out!
Happy Day everyone!

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Julie Bowen + Instyle: Modern Mom

Are you a fan of the show Modern Family?  It is a new fave of mine. I think the writers are pretty original and the characters are fantastic. It is a very funny show! Julie Bowen, however, is not a new fave.  I loved her in Boston Legal, Ed, and whatever else she has been in.  Right now, I'm loving her home that was featured in Instyle Magazine in the April issue. Her sister, Molly Luetkemeyer, who started the company M. Design Interiors, designed her home. I love the surprising art, eclectic furniture and the balance between 
comfort and chic.  
 These book shelves are very entertaining.  I could spend some time observing everything they 
did to organize and style.  I especially love the pop and usage of color.
I think it is always fun to see the interior of homes that have been designed well,
and viewing a celebrity's  home is especially fun. 
Especially one that I like and Julie Bowen seems like a pretty cool, modern mom.


Shoes for Spring

As for flats, I have both of these shoes, and I have to say that I LOVE them.  They are comfy and cute! For me, I need that double C.  Comfort is a must and cute is a bonus! 
And a summer, just isn't summer without the staple flip flops. Havaianas are my all time fave!

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Chicken Pesto Pizza

 Chicken Pesto Pizza by Our Family Treat Blog
  • 20 Minute Pizza Dough
  • 1 Tablespoon Yeast
  • 1 Cup 2 Tablespoons warm water
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar
  • Set aside and let grow.
  • 2 Tablespoons Shortening
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon Sugar
  • 3 Cups flour
Combine, and then add yeast mixture.
Once mixed well, let rise for twenty minutes.
Roll out dough and add toppings!
Bake at 375 for about 15-20 minutes

  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 1 large garlic clove
  • 2 cups fresh basil
  • 1/2 grated Parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pulse in food processor.
Then add extra virgin olive oil until right consistency.

rotisserie chicken (or two shredded chicken breasts)
mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese
sun dried tomatoes

I am such a fan of fresh pesto! I am in love with basil, so anything that included that ingredient is always a bonus. Found this yummy recipe on Our Family Treat.  They have some great recipes on their blog with a focus on Italian, which I am a complete fan of!  I can't wait to try their Asparagus Shrimp Risotto.


GIVEAWAY + Happy Things~Guest:Christine/ LAMA Designs

I'm excited to have Christine from LAMA Designs as a guest today.  She will be sharing the things that make her happy along with a fun GIVEAWAY!  I met the lovely Christine while at ALT Summit, and she is a very kind, fun, and happy person.  I love that Christine followed her heart when trying to find what she wanted to do.  "Influenced by her love for design and passion for travel, she decided she would search the world for beautiful objects that were dreamt up and created by others who shared her fanaticism for the fabulous." Then, she created a fun store to share her exotic finds with others!  LAMA Designs means Latin America in the Modern Age. Love her slogan! She also has a great blog here.
The lucky winner of today's giveaway 
will win her choice of the 
blue/green or pink/purple fiesta flags!
Add instant flair year round to any space with these cheerful fiesta flags! Each beautifully designed original pattern is the creative work of designer Pablo Ferraro. Committed to creating environmentally friendly products, Pablo uses 100% cotton that has not been bleached or treated with toxins harmful to the environment. In Pablo's words, "All our designs are handprinted and we work on a small scale to manage a local, environmental and socially responsible company." Fabulous, fun, festive and earth-friendly. It doesn't get much better than that! Length: Approximately 14 Feet
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm fortunate enough to be living out one of my dream jobs at the moment, owning my own boutique shop! Down the line, I would love to be a stylist on photo shoots all over the world. I hope to eventually make my way back to interior design and perhaps retire as a dog groomer. I have a passion for pooches and products. Put those together and you'll have the amazing dog salon I plan to open someday. I already have a name picked out!
Product you can't live without?
My iPhone for sure. I don't know what I did before I had a smart phone. 
Favorite place you've been? 
The rainforest in Ecuador. It was pure magic. I spent hours walking around with a monkey toddler. We played and ate sugar cane together. I'll never forget what his little hand felt like in mine.
Dream vacation?
Spain! I've always wanted to visit the Southern coastal areas of Spain leading down to Morocco. 
Favorite Restaurant/Food?
I grew up eating a lot of Asian food and I generally prefer it to almost anything else. Thai is a close second to Korean food. I love Korean bbq, tofu soups, and kimchi. 
Favorite TV show?
At the moment, Mad Men. Everything about that show is gorgeous.
Favorite movie?
I'm really into high brow chick flicks. The two that I can watch over and over again are Lost In Translation and Broken English. Every time I'm at home alone, I watch one of the two. 
Favorite treat?
Green tea boba. It's been my favorite treat since I was 15 years old. What is there not to love about sweet tea, tapioca, graphic cups, and giant straws.
How do you like to relax or what is a hobby you enjoy?
I love taking long walks with my dog Miles and my iPod shuffle. Music and Miles are all I need to relax. 
Design Blogs, Technology and Gadgets, Travel, Friends/Family, Music
Cruelty to animals, Cold weather, A lack of compassion for others, Complacency ,Vertical Blinds

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Deconstructed Zig-Zag Pillow Cover

 These travel posters are amazing!  I just love their designs.
I would love to have a gallery of these. Wouldn't that look amazing?
The Heads of State store also has a huge collection of other fantastic posters!  
Dear heads of state, can I put a request in for Utah?
I'm thinking that should be on your list of posters to do next. I'm just saying...

This chef set page flags would be so helpful as I'm trying to organize my recipes and
it would save time while I'm looking  for recipes in my cookbooks. 
Where have they been all these years?
These symbols in the Warrior Stamping Kit 
are amazing designs with an amazing purpose.  I especially love the pineapple design (of course).  
This stamp kit is created by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Ford Warriors in Pink. 
I think the Warrior symbol stamps are beautiful, rich with meaning and extremely powerful.

Love the packaging of the Daub & Bauble  shea butter lotion.  
There are so many great colors and designs to choose from.
And that is just on the exterior! :)
The scents are supper yummy and the shea butter lotion is fabulous.


PLASTIC: the good, the bad, and the yucky!

Do you ever look at the numbers on plastic and wonder what they mean? What is good plastic or bad  plastic? Is it ok to microwave in plastic? Are baby bottles safe? Can all plastic be recycled? 

I have been putting this post off for two weeks now.  This is a big topic to tackle and I am new to the information.  While on vacation over spring break, I read an article about what the numbers on the bottom of our plastic means.  I know, I know, MANY of you are already well informed, so this is for those who are like me, and kinda didn't want to know.  I am trying to make changes for my family right now.  I am trying to become more informed about what we eat and what we surround ourselves with.

I discussed my findings about the #'s on plastic with my kiddos, and they are now on a MISSION!  We searched our entire kitchen to see what every plastic was.   Then, they took it a step further...they checked the car seats, toys, every bottle you could possible think of, and have been telling everyone about our findings.  I love that they are so excited to learn and be involved.

So, what are the findings? I'll give you some, but check it out yourself.  There is a lot of information out there.  I hope that I don't give bad info, I'm just sharing what I found.  I just think it is so important for me to be more aware! Guess who had to buy new baby bottles... yup!  Moi! I am just absolutely sick about the thought of my babies using a bottle that wasn't totally safe.  Sick.

**I am in NO WAY any expert, nor would I ever claim to be.
**I am still researching this too and would LOVE and comments, questions, or information ya'll have to offer! So PLEASE leave comments if you have in info so that we may all learn.
**I read a lot of articles on this topic, however I found the info from Eco Village Green to be most detailed, informative and helpful.


"Here’s your guide to what the numbers mean, whether they’re safe, and how easily recyclable they are:

Plastic #1: This is polyethylene terephtalate, also known as PETE or PET.  Most disposable soda and water bottles are made of #1 plastic, and it’s usually clear. This plastic is considered generally safe. However, it is known to have a porous surface that allows bacteria and flavor to accumulate, so it is best not to keep reusing these bottles as makeshift containers. This plastic is picked up by most curbside recycling programs.

Plastic #2: This is high density polyethylene, or HDPE.  Most milk jugs, detergent bottles, juice bottles, butter tubs, and toiletries bottles are made of this.  It is usually opaque. This plastic is considered safe and has low risk of leaching. It is also picked up by most recycling programs.

Plastic #3: This is polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is used to make food wrap, bottles for cooking oil, and plumbing pipes. PVC is a tough plastic but it is not considered safe to cook food near it. There are phthalates in this material–softening chemicals that interfere with hormonal development. You should minimize use of #3 plastic around food as much as possible. Never cook using food wrap, especially in a microwave oven. If the wrap is listed as microwave-safe then I would still not let it touch the food while using it in the microwave. #3 plastic is rarely accepted by recycling programs.

Plastic #4: This is low density polyethylene (LDPE). It is used to make grocery bags, some food wraps, squeezable bottles, and bread bags. This plastic is considered safe, but is unfortunately not often accepted by curbside recycling programs.

Plastic #5: this is polypropylene. Yogurt cups and similar wide-necked containers are often made from it, as well as water bottles with a cloudy finish. You’ll also find it in medicine bottles, ketchup and syrup bottles, and straws. This plastic is also considered safe, and is increasingly being accepted by curbside recycling programs.

Plastic #6: this is polystyrene, or Styrofoam, from which disposable containers and packaging are made. You’ll also find it in disposable plates and cups. Evidence is increasingly suggesting that this type of plastic leaches potentially toxic chemicals, especially when heated. I suggest avoiding the use of #6 plastic as much as possible. It is difficult to recycle and most recycling programs won’t accept it.

Plastic #7: This number basically means “everything else.” It’s a mixed bag, composed of plastics which were invented after 1987.  Polycarbonate falls into this category, including the dreaded BPA. So do modern plastics used in anything from iPods to computer cases. It also includes some baby bottles and food storage containers which resist staining. Use of #7 plastic is at your own risk, since you don’t know what could be in it. You should dispose of any food or drink related product, especially for children, that is known to contain BPA. I personally also view any other food or drink container made from #7 plastic with a good deal of suspicion. It is difficult to recycle #7 plastic and most curbside recycling programs won’t accept it.

To summarize, plastics #2, #4 and #5 are generally considered safe. Plastic #1 is safe too but should not be re-used due to the risk of growing bacteria. Any other plastic should be used with extreme caution, especially around food or drink. The risk is even greater when heating food. For microwaving in particular, remember that microwave safe containers aren’t necessarily healthy. They just won’t melt. In general, it’s better to avoid microwaving plastic entirely and stick to glass."

For more information on what numbers are safe go to Eco Village Green.

May we all find ways to live healthier and happier!



This pink springy outfit is for my A-girl, who is a lover of all things PINK! 
I'm just so happy that the yard is in full bloom now! Finally, after cold beginning to spring.
Don't you just love how refreshing spring is?

the links to these Pinkalicious items are found on my Polyvore site


Massuco Warner Miller Design

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We had a low-key, but nice weekend filled with yard work, catching-up on the DVR, some serious catching up with 24 with our "24 groupies," 
and working on a little project I'll tell you about later. 
So, I am a little behind in my magazine reading, but luckily I came across this beauty this weekend! 
I was flipping through Traditional Home and I came across this gorgeous San Francisco home, designed by Melissa Warner of the wonderful Massucco Warner Miller design firm. 

This dining room is amazing! I love the bold orange chairs and gorgeous hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, which you might recognize from the cover of the Domino book.

 I don't know that I would ever do pink chairs in my home, but this picture could change my mind!
The pink velvet matched with zebra rug is so fun and different.

Are you sick of me saying how much I love white kitchens? 
 Well, I do. 
And I think this kitchen is another winner!

This photo belongs in my post on banquettes!  
Using a white bench at a table in my home would be a disaster...
but I love it in their home. :)

 I love everything in this photo: stripey couch, fabric and design of the coffee table, and the white chair and fabric is amazing! I would love to know where that chair came from!

 I am in the process of trying to find just the right wallpaper to put behind my bed in my bedroom.  This has too much gold in it for my room, but I love the warmth it adds to this room!  
The wallpaper is “Asuka” by Osborne & Little.

 What a fantastic reading nook!  I love the light and graphic pillows.

and now for the children's rooms. . .
I adore both color palettes! They are very smart, sophisticated and will work with any age. 
I really, really, really want to paint horizontal stripes in my home!  
Believe me, if it happens, I'll take pictures and show you! 
The problem is I have too many things on the to-do list!
 {Navy blue and orange are my high-school colors...go bengals!}

ahhhh! I adore this office space. 
 The Imperial Trellis roman shades are fantastic and add so much character to the office!

Image Credit: David Fenton


Organizer for scarves & belts

I love this organizer that I picked up a few months ago from Ikea!
It is perfect for belts and scarves.
 I would love to add this scarf to my little collection.  
I think a little bright pink paisley would be fun for spring.


Gwyneth Paltrow: Harper's Bazaar

La, La, Love this photshoot of Gwyneth Paltrow in the Harpers Bazaar May issue.  
These photos are simply fabulous.  
Gwyneth is gorgeous in the haute couture gowns.
I just love how simple and unique Gwyneth is in her famous-status world.  She just seems like such a great, down-to-earth mom.  I wrote about her GOOP site earlier.  I love that she has GOOP just for fun and just because she wants to, regardless of what her "critics" say!  That riding outfit is amazing. I wish I could wear that to go riding this weekend on some beautiful English property.

Do you agree? Are these photos fun and fabulous?
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