Island Park, Idaho with Family

We had such a great time with our family in Island Park. It is such a beautiful place, such a gorgeous lake, and there is so much to do! We loved it!
My lovely parents, siblings, and niece and nephew

a beautiful Springs that is very clear and cold
fishing for craw dads! They don't look appetizing, but if you like lobster, you'll enjoy these!
Nana had the kids doing some fun art projects.
Jared was always right-on-top of the creation of our nightly fire.
Sea-dooing was too much fun! Water was cold, but did not scare Shaun from skiing and Jared from Knee-boarding.
The lake was just beautiful!
There are so many fun and beautiful cabins surrounding the lake.
Here is my A-girl hanging out and playing in the sand.
Yellowstone was beautiful and chilly! What are the chances we chose the same day to go to Yellowstone as President Barrack Obama? Needless to say, it was a bit crowded.

Fun family times!
My three little bears
and my little monkey!


ColcaSac Sleeve for the Mac Laptop

I am still loving and wanting an Apple Laptop. We have no need for a new computer, so I think I'll be dreaming for quite a long time. There are many reasons I want a Mac, but included in the reasons are these fabulous covers for the Mac! They are so functional and stlylish! I love them! The ColcaSac sleeve, is specifically made for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. Original, efficient and simple, a ColcaSac MacBook sleeve is designed to be used as solo protection, or combined with your backpack, briefcase, or shoulder bag. They also have sleeves for the fabulous iphone! Oh! Did I mention that my handsome and amazing brother is the genious behind these sleeves?

Star Valley with the Felts Family

It was so good to be with our long-time-friends: the Felts. We all love Star Valley so it is so fun to go together and let the kiddos have lots-o-fun! They had their fill of raspberry picking, "hunting," making forts, and looking for squirrels. We went up Grays Canyon for a great Rhino and 4-wheeling ride. The guys got to do a bit of fishing on the Grays River and then on the Madison River. We had square ice cream cones on our scenic drive to Island park and then they were able to hang-out with us in Island Park for a bit. Fun times! We can't wait for our next vacation with them. Meggan and I have been friends for over 20 years! We've been through a lot together and have had many fun times together. It is sure nice to have life-long friends! Love you Meg! And love your darling family!


Rooms I'm Lovin' : Sarah Richardson

I am very impressed with Sarah Richardson's design. I just think she has attention grabing simplicity and an eye for impeccable detail. These photos have tasteful Coastal elegance with an uptown feel……………. Lovin' it!


Keep Calm and Carry On

Is it just me, or does motherhood have some major ups and downs?
OK, so maybe it is just life in general. On a daily basis, I find myself on different extremes: "I can totally do this! I love being a mom! My kids are so fantastic!" then the next minute: "how does anyone do this? how am I going to get through today sane? I don't know if I have any ounce of patience in my body!" I find myself getting overwhelmed with just the idea of what I need to accomplish or would like to accomplish....and that is just the idea, not the reality! Oh! How I need a course on time management! I'm desperate for it!
This poster might just help with a settle reminder each day. I'm always a sucker for "historical" things too.


The Keep Calm and Carry On poster has a fascinating British history. In 1939, in anticipation of the Germans attacking England, the British Ministry of Information commissioned Keep Calm and Carry On posters to help the population deal with their fears. Although 2.5 Million Keep Calm and Carry On posters were printed, the Keep Calm and Carry On poster was never actually issued and only a handful of Keep Calm and Carry On posters ever went into circulation.

Things changed in 2000, when British booksellers unearthed an original Keep Calm and Carry On poster in a box of books. The original artist is unknown, but they started reproducing the poster and now the British can’t seem to get enough of the poster print.

These prints can now be found everywhere in Great Britain, from homes to pubs to government offices. It is quickly proving to be popular Stateside with its wisdom for all seasons and situations.

There are quite a few stores on Etsy that have these posters. I think that here and here have a good selection.


DIY: Framed Wallpaper Picture


We've had this old family photo up for four years. I've never liked the frame around it, and have been especially annoyed by it the last couple of years. Finally, I decided to do something about it! FINALLY! I ordered some wall paper from Walls, bought white spray paint from Home Depot, and purchased a matte to surround the "picture." Here is the result! I am quite pleased and love how refreshing it is to have a "different" frame in that location. This wall paper is fantastic and I'm thinking of using it on the back of my cabinet piece. When I ever get to that project, I'll show pics.
I have framed wall paper in two other places in my home. I'll show those pics later too. I love wallpaper ! After spending hours tearing down my mom's old wallpaper, I never thought I'd say that about wallpaper.....but have you seen how fun, unique, and sophisticated it is lately? Wow! If putting it on a wall sounds a little over-the-top right now, then framing it is a great idea! I think I'm ready to wallpaper a bathroom, entry, or one wall in my bedroom. I have to find just the right print for that.


I'm Lovin'

this jewlery by RJ Graziano! I love the multiple strands in one necklace.


Pillow Talk: Two

I had to share some more good finds! I knew that one post just would not do justice to all the great pillows out there. I'm just going to say it now.... I bet there will be a third! And I'm working on rugs right now too, so I'll share soon.

Wow! I'm so lovin' all of these pillows from Hable Construction. I feel like their pillows are a work of art. I'd love them all!

Fabricadabra has a some funalicious finds.

more great pillows on Etsy

Feeling Blue

I love these images from House and Home. Do you see the Blue theme?
I do, and I'm lovin' feeling blue.....yahoo!


Good Quotes

via i can read
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