Inspiring Color: Chartreuse & Gray

New favorite color combo: Chartreuse and Gray. 
Also diggin' the thick stripes and Chartreuse tufted settee.

photo via here


Designer Highlight: Meg Braff

There are many designers that I follow and adore... 
however, I am going to go out-on-a-limb and say that Meg Braff 
has become one of my favorite designers.  
I'm continually impressed with her style and la, la, love that she includes 
so many colors and textures. 
I'm also impressed with how her designs can be fresh and unique 
while remaining classy and timeless.  
Once again, Coastal Living, has revealed some more of her fabulous work, 
but this time, these lovely photos happen to be of her very own West Palm Beach condo. 

Hey Meg! Next time I'm in Florida, how would you like to get lunch? 
I'd love to come see this fantastic condo for myself!
Also shown on my other blog: Modern Palm Blog
I am such a fan of warm orange mixed with cool blue. It is a beautiful combo and this room looks 
amazing paired with bold white. The wallpaper Meg Braff used is so fun and unique.
 This dinning room is classy & simple, yet bold & vibrant.
Love how it is anchored with white, splashed with bright, happy colors, 
and evened with the green plant. 
I don't know if I would have ever had guts to create a bright aqua bedroom, 
but I certainly I'm impressed with this fun room.
The unique coffee table and shell-inspired ceiling fixture makes this room so whimsical. 
The bold aqua furniture paired with the green pillows is genius, 
and Oh! hello lovely yellow.  
**You can get this look by using the graphic batik patterned pillows at Modern Palm.
Although I'm not one for a pink attack, I love how the Asian-inspired wallpaper 
and a geometric print on throw pillows keeps this bedroom classy and mature. 
I just can't get enough of Meg Braff's designs. Can't wait to covet more of her work.

Photos via Coastal Living, Photographer Annie Schlechter, Designer Meg Braff


Karyn Millet Photography

Right now, I'm inspired by the photography of artist, Karyn Millet.

I've enjoyed her photography throughout different magazines, 
but these photos are pure amazing.  Oh, how I wish I could enjoy one of Karyn's  
inspiring photos in my home. Just lovely.


The Daily Dish

Here is a nice fuzzy iphone photo of my morning with the ladies from 
The Daily Dish and Good Things Utah.

I've been a bit preoccupied this week...
 I was invited to go on The Daily Dish, which is a local lifestyle morning show.  
I've never been on TV and I was over-the-top NERVOUS.  Funny thing was, 
I was scheduled to go on toward the end of the show, but the person that was
 scheduled to be in the first segment didn't make it there in time, so I had to rush on! 
They didn't even know she wasn't there until they went to commercial and then they realized she wasn't there... so they rushed my table on the set 
and before I knew it I heard: "5,4,3,2,1 and you're on!" 
I was so frazzled and hadn't quite finished setting up, and had No clue where to stand. Ha! What an experience. At the beginning, my voice was all shaky but after a minute 
I think I was able to pull-it-together a bit. Wow! What an experience. 
I was asked to do a segment on Sprucing up you kitchen for Spring...
{More on that later}
I'm glad I did it and ended up having a lot of fun with the gals on the show. 
 I'm so glad I didn't give-in to my fears, and not do it, even though 
I desperately did not want to go on TV. :)  Now, I know more of what to expect 
when I go back. Yes, I did say that I'd do it again... YIKES! :{/:}

Dear Daily Dish, Thanks for having me on! 
Ladies, You're Fabulous!





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Kobo Candles: A "New Obsession" for Rachel Bilson

Kobo Candles have been highlighted many times in many different magazines and on many different web sites.  All I can say is I'm a HUGE fan of Kobo Soy Candles.  In fact, that is the reason I added them to Modern Palm... I fell in with the book and the cover.  The packaging is unique and beautiful, you don't even need gift wrapping, and the scents are memorable, unique, and fresh.  "Woooow!" Is usually the word that sneaks out after someone smells a Kobo Candle for the first time. 

Rachel Bilson added the Kobo Candle to her "New Obsession" list in her column in Instyle.

Kobo Candles are created using environmentally friendly materials and are made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans.  The scents are achieved by using the finest boutique fragrance houses in the US. 

Other Magazines & Press that Kobo Soy Candles have been a part of:

Don't forget that the Kobo Candles from Modern Palm were included 
Pretty cool stuff.  


Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Sets at Modern Palm

We've been having a little fun with these Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp sets
I have to admit, I may have had just as much fun, if not more, as my kids.  
Here's some fab art that we created, and I even framed a few...
I think when they're framed it makes them look so pro!

These are a few that my oldest 3 put together, cute no?!
I love that the creative possibilities with these sets are endless... 
you can just use one set or mix sets to make the scenes unique.

These are the sets we used for these projects, but we've only just begun.

Modern Palm is very excited to now carry 
Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Sets

Can't wait to see what creative masterpiece y'all can come up with! Send us your photos and we'd LOVE to post them and share. Oh! now that would be fun... Please send us yours!
More art is on it's way, and maybe I'll show what we create. :)


Miss Lisa's Little Book Club

My friend and neighbor, Lisa, is so crazy creative and amazing! Just a few months ago she started My Little Book Club, and lucky me, I get to benefit... well, my children get to benefit. My kids love and adore her and count down the days until they get to go to book club.  Each week she chooses a new theme, new book, and has projects that correspond with the book.  I don't mean she just does a little project... she goes all out. People sometimes find their niche in life, and this is for sure Lisa's niche.  
I just think this is such an amazing idea and am so grateful that my children get to have such good experiences with reading and learning. Thanks Lisa!


Woodland Fairy Birthday Party

I'm finally posting the photos from Ashy's 6th Birthday Party. 
She chose to have a Woodland Fairy Party, which I was excited about, since there are so many fun things to do with that theme! The challenge came with the weather... 
every idea I had would have been great if we didn't have snow on the ground.  
Even without the "woodlands" we had a wonderful time and the girls were darling fairies! 
I contacted Paper & Pigtails to do the invites and cupcake toppers,
 but I also asked her to make a custom Fairy Bingo and I think they turned out so darn cute! 
As the fairies arrived the girls made crowns and door signs. We then had a scavenger hunt where they found pinecones, rocks, leaves, their fairy wings and wands. 
We then had a little tea party, but I forgot to take photos of the fairy food. 
 Afterwards we played fairy bingo and then some traditional games like warm/cold with a pinecone, 
and button, button who-has-the-button, but with a rock.

The red and white polka dot mugs and plates are from Pottery Barn a few years ago. 
 I thought they made a great mushroom-look addition. I used a sequin squirrel and rabbit, white owls, pine cones, moss, rocks, etc. to try and add the woodland effect.  
(this is obviously around Christmas time... yes, I'm totally aware that it has taken me quite a while to post. Yikes!)

Some sites that I referred to for some of our party ideas were:


Live the Language: Paris

Spotted this fantastic video clip for the EF Live the Language campaign over on Black*Eiffel.  
This is a creative way to advertise... and apparently it is successful, because I'd like to jump on a plane and take a trip with EF to Paris-- Right now! 
Funny thing... back in the day, when I was a teacher, I organized tours with EF and took students to Boston, MA on American History Tours.  I really enjoyed working with them and love their programs! 

This 24 Hours in Paris is also a fun video.


Inspiration in Stripes

Today I am over at Modern Palm
Come check out more on this inspiring photo.

Have you seen our new additions to our shop?
I'm adding some fantastic inventory every day!
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