Modern Family: Pidgeon Moment

This has to be one of the funniest pieces of TV I have seen lately... I died laughing! Are you loving Modern Family like I am? For reals. Too funny.


Stripey Stripe Fun

The earrings and necklace are both found on my Stella & Dot site.
The link to each item is found on my Polyvore site.

A fun stripe inspired outfit for this rainy spring.  I feel bad for my flowers and garden
that I just planted last weekend...right before a snow storm.  Boo!  



Mr. D and I decided to take a last minute trip to NYC, and I'm so glad we did.  
Sometimes it is hard to get away, but it is always worth it in the end.  
We have never been to NYC together, so I'm glad we had the opportunity
to do it and visit my brother, sister-in-law, and their baby C
before they move back to Utah, 
after graduating from Cornell.  We had such a great time 
and were able to see and do so much. Blisters all over my feet became quite the problem!  
Here are a some highlights and some ideas of great things to do while in NYC.

*Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty.  We did the real deal and went to both of these islands for the full effect.  If you don't want to actually go to the island, then taking the Staten Island ferry is an option, because it is free and you get to have a nice ride past the the two islands.  We like to see historical sites, so it was fun to visit where all the immigrants had to stop before coming to America.

*I have heard so many things about the Shake Shack so I put a stop to Madison Square Park on the must see list.  When we arrived the line was crazy long.  Mr. D  was not happy about standing in line to eat.  But after we tasted our burgers, fries, fresh lemonade, and a black & white concrete shake... he was so happy and understood why.  IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD! I'm typically not a burger and fries girl, but those were the best I've had- hands down!

*FINALLY! I love going to Broadway shows...LOVE!  I don't get to go often anymore, and have been wanting to see Wicked for quite some time.  It did not disappoint. Loved it. The cast and production was quite fantastic.

*We went for a lovely walk on The High Line.  It is a new walkway that was originally constructed in the 1930s, to lift dangerous freight trains off Manhattan's streets.  The High Line has become a mile-and-a-half-long elevated park, running through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell's Kitchen. It is beautiful, and a great way to see that neighborhood. 

*Top of the Rock is a must do!  Go to the Rockefeller Center and take the Top of the Rock tour where you go 70 stories high to see an incredibly amazing view of the concrete jungle.  Plus, it is fun to see where the ice skating rink is, NBC studios, and the Today show.  While in the area, we stopped in to get a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.  Speaking of cupcakes...I was so disappointed!  We went to stop in at Crumbs Bakery for the famous cupcakes, but the only time we were in the area was on Sunday, and it was closed. :( Too bad.  So sad.

*Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the highlights!  It was such a beautiful evening and the bridge is a fantastic site to see.  Apparently, this trek has become quite the thing to do, along with stopping at the famous Grimaldis Pizzeria.  Why is it that New York has the most amazing food?  AMAZING!  A bit of advice: we called Grimaldis when we started the walk across the bridge and ordered take-out.  That way, we didn't have to stand in the insane line.  We took our pizza to this little park right next to the river and had a nice little dinner while enjoying the view of NYC.

*Now, don't think I'm weird for recommending this, but we took one of those tourist buses with the open top, and loved it! We were able to use it as transportation around town and we could hop on and off as we pleased.  We were able to see parts of NYC and Brooklyn that we would have never been able to see otherwise.  NYC is just too big to cover in four days.   We took the bus to Central Park one day, and had a nice walk in the park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

*A visit to L'Ecole was a recommendation to us, and I highly recommend it to all.  L'Ecole is a French Culinary Institute where you can get a gourmet three course meal for lunch for $28, or a four course dinner for $40 ish. Just writing this, I am drooling... (Que kissing fingers and sending off the love- mua!) You have to call and get reservations because they book up fast. Truth be told, we went there twice.  Mr. D and I loved it so much we had to take my brother and sister-in-law back.  Bonus: it is located in Soho where there is amazing shopping, and a block away from the wheeling and dealing Canal street.  Yes, I picked up a bag while there. But any other shopping did not happen.  Shopping with Mr. D is more torture than fun, so I avoid it. Which is too bad, because to go to NYC without shopping is a major crime.

We are all huge Red Socks fans, so going to see them play the Yankees in Yankee stadium was a super fun experience!  Yankee stadium is really quite remarkable.  The game was very exciting and close, but it in the bottom of the 9th the Yankees won with a walk-off homer.  Boo! And yes, there is a baby under that cute little RS hat. We had to ride the subway back to our hotel and with the masses of drunk Yankees... Yes, we hid our Red Socks apparel.  Just in case, you never know! wink ;)  What a trip! I just love NYC and already have a list of things to do and places to eat brewing for next time.  Can't wait. Girl trip anyone...


Elizabeth Kimberly Designs: part II... still speechless

I have already freaked out about the work of Elizabeth Kimberly Design
but I feel like their work deserves some more adoration and love.   

This room seems so inviting and calming. There is NO WAY 
a room like that could survive my children... 
they would have it ruined in 5 min.'s.


Love the bright colors and graphic panels


What a great mantel! These natural elements and textures are so great against the 
white walls and mantel.

I need to find that coffee table! How great is that? I love the texture, color, and height.  
Those egg prints are so different and fun and love the color combination. 
I've shared this kitchen before, but it is one of my faves, so here it is again.  
I la la love that table and banquette.
  Does anyone know where I could find that table?

I'm hoping to get in a little yard/garden work this weekend. Any fun plans for you?
Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!


William Dohman Design and Photography

Love this Design and Photography Etsy store by William Dohman
 He has some great photos, recycled wooden signs, and other decor. 
This picture of Santorini, Greece is so bright and summery. 
Oh! How I'd love to go to Greece someday!
These recycled wooden signs are a great way to add a little 
graphic statement to a blank wall area.

Quinoa: more recipes and ideas

Jack pot!  Remember when I did a post on the nutrition of quinoa and 
shared a yummy curry recipe using quinoa? Well, I found some more recipes 
and I can't wait to try these recipes from Martha Stewart's Whole Living site.
I have yet to try any of these, but just wanted you to know about them in case you're 
interested in cooking more with quinoa.  So, if you try any of these, you'll have to let me
know what you think. At least the pictures look yummy!


Blurb Photo Book

I just got back today from a little trip to NYC with Mr. D.  
We went to have a little get-away and we also went to visit my 
brother and his wife before they leave NY.  My brother has been going to Cornell 
and is graduating next week. I'm super proud of him and it was a lot of fun to spend a
few days with them in NYC. I'll share some fun things we did on our vacation in a bit...

But first, this is what I did for Mother's Day this year. 
I finally finished a project I started last year.  I wanted to do something with all of the cute photos 
I had from a photo shoot with the kids, and from Baby G's new born pics.  
I haven't been good about printing my pictures and placing them in photo books, 
so I decided to make a  Blurb book.  I can't tell you how much I loved the Blurb program.
It was extremely easy to use and I was very impressed with the quality of the book.  
I printed a book for both my mom and my mother-in-law,
then I printed a book for each child to have when they get a bit older.  

My goal is to make a Blurb book each year, 
so that I make sure I'm doing something with all of our digital photos. 
At the suggestion of my sister-in-law, Brooke, 
I'd like to start the books with each school year and then end with the summer.  
I like that idea of organizing it with the school year, since that is how I tend
to think of the year anyway, with a grade.
 I am really excited to have a hard copy of all those pics I'm taking that are normally just 
saved on my discs and hard drives. 

I have also seen people make normal books with Blurb as well.  
If you have an idea for a book, but don't have a publisher, you can just make your book, 
text or photo, and print it to sell until you get a publisher.  
Once again, the quality is fantastic!


Happy 3rd Birthday J-Boy!

Three years old.
WOW! How time flies.
I love this little guy so very much.
He is so sweet, so cuddly, so daring, or crazy.



I love the elements used in this kitchen. I especially love the island.

I would love to relax and read at this pool

I am adoring these good things from Martha Stewart's website:

Love these take-away-flowers for a little party, luncheon, or wedding.  
Double as a centerpiece then gift.

Great ideas: leaves as coasters and rubber band glass markers

All of these flower arrangements are simply amazing!

Orange is such a happy color for the bedroom


All is Well....

When overwhelmed with life and responsibilities, sometimes I forget that I am, and we are, truly blessed.  It is always good to get reminders of what is REALLY important in life. What is our true purpose here and what gives true happiness.  My sister-in-law, Heidi, passed along to me this little clip of this wonderful woman many of us know as NieNie. She is very inspiring...
Watch this.


Serena & Lily

WOWZA! This is L.O.V.E! The patterns, colors, designs. 
Serena & Lily has done it again and they did it well. 
I mean, these prints and fabrics are fabulous! 
That headboard is amazingly fun, and that stool is so unique, a perfect touch for the end of a bed.
I shared some Serena & Lily love in earlier posts here and here
so you already know I heart them.  These new designs and fabrics just solidified my love
all over again. Don't you just love the  
bold colors and graphics. They are so versital too.  
Really, you could use these throw pillows in children or adult bedrooms,
family rooms, mud rooms, basically any room would love these prints. 

and a few more items to drool over...
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