Pssst... I Have a BIG Announcement!!!

Ha! Usually that means that I'm having a baby... but I'm not.  
Well, I guess in a way, this store has become a part of our family. 
I've been working on this retail store for several months, and I'm so very excited that it is 
FINALLY ready to launch.   

Fabulous Finds. Fresh Designs.

I have to thank Jessica from Front Porch Studio 
for being able to see my vision for Modern Palm and 
creating fantastic graphics for the front page.  I LOVE how it turned out 
and think that it is a fabulous representation of the amazing products 
that are found in Modern Palm.  

Why in the world did I create an online store? 
Well, I love finding amazing products, I love home decor, 
I love good prices, I love unique and fresh quality finds,
I love shopping... 
I have always wanted to own my own store...
why not?

I focused on trying to find items that I myself would buy.  
I focused on trying to find earth -friendly/ green and organic products. 
I focused on trying to find items where I could offer great prices,
I focused on some of my very favorite things.

Come check out my new store.  
I'm so excited for you to see, and if you like what you see, then please share the love...
let your friends, family, FB and twitter fans know about my store.  
Oh! how sweet that would be.  Heaven knows I'm going to need all the help I can get 
to get the word out that a new fabulous store is online! 

I've got things for amazing gifts,
things for children,
things for the home,
things for you!

If you sign up to be a follower on FB, twitter, or Modern Palm Blog
then you  are automatically entered to be a part of a giveaway for a gift certificate to 
spend how you'd like in Modern Palm.

OH! and don't forget to sign-up for the emails via front page.  
I'll be sharing tips, ideas, specials, promotions, coupons, and info on new products, etc.


Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

  • 4 fresh Halibut fillets (to feed 4 people)
  • Lime Juice (1/2 C. to 1 C. I just used the lime juice in a bottle)
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 12 corn  tortillas 
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1 lime,cut into wedges
  • 1/2 small head cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup fresh cilantro
  • Pico de Gallo 
Soak the fillets in a bowl of lime juice for 20 min.'s. I just made sure that each fillet was covered in the lime juice.  Heat the pan and add the olive oil, then cook the halibut, or other fish of choice,  until it separates and is cooked.  Add coarse salt and pepper to taste. 
Thinly slice the cabbage.  Warm the corn tortillas with a little olive oil in pan.
Serve the fish in the corn tortilla, with cabbage, Pico de Gallo, a dollop of sour cream, cilantro, and a lime wedge to add a little fresh zip before eating.

Story:  We had some friends over for dinner a bit ago, and I really wanted to make fish tacos, but I have always been intimidated by fish tacos.  I don't know exactly why? Getting the fish just right is a little intimidating to me, I guess.  I am in love with Harmons, a local grocery store, so I went to them, and the sweet helpful lady at the fish counter told me exactly what to do.  She said that she lived in Mexico for a bit, and this is what they did there.  The key is soaking in lime juice for 20 min. -- no more, no less.  So, I attempted this recipe, and I'm so glad I did.  It was delicious! So simple, healthy, and yummy!  

Menu: I served the fish tacos with Watermelon, guacamole and chips, and corn on the cob.

Corn: I mixed some fresh chopped rosemary with a cube of softened butter, an idea that I got from Katy, and spread it over the corn, added coarse salt, and wrapped in tin foil.  Then I put the wrapped corn on the grill and heated until it was nice and cooked.  It was very tasty! By the way, rosemary butter is very tasty on sourdough or ciabatta bread.

image via Real Simple


Liz Lang + Jonathan Adler= Perfection!

I am so in love with fashion designer Liz Lange's house in Westchester County, New York.
Of course, something this fabulous was designed by Jonathan Adler.  
It is amazingly fantastic!  
What is it about Adler's designs that make me so happy? 

Black and  white make for a classic color combo, 
but the bright turquoise, yellow, and greens add the bold punch 
that make these rooms so inviting and fun.
I am swooning over the graphic splash elements.

During an interview, MIMI READ asked: "You're a standard-bearer for unimpeachable chic design. You're also irrepressibly playful. How do you combine these aspects?"

JONATHAN ADLER responded: "I think a room should be 95 percent chic. There needs to be a solid foundation of good design, functionality, and harmony. Then you have the remaining 5 percent to layer on a playful vibe. If a room is merely playful it's usually wildly unchic. Conversely, if it's too chic it's dry and off-putting. I try to strike the perfect balance of chic and cheeky — an inclusive, unsnobby sort of buoyant spirit."



Martha Stewart + Divine Twine + Modern Palm

 Divine Twine, the divine baker's twine, was featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine.
How exciting! Where to get this versatile twine?
Modern Palm carries Divine Twine in the many divine colors.

This is not your regular bakers twine
Great care has been taken in creating the eco-luxe Divine Twine.
It's made from 100% cotton so it's soft to the touch, bio-degradable and earth-friendly.
Plus the 4-ply construction makes it nice and strong.
It's produced in the USA in mouth-watering colors that look good enough to eat.
Each spool contains 240 yards, enough to last you a long time, yet easy to store.
favors or product packaging.

"What does one do with baker's twine?"
you ask...
Use it for:
wrapping gifts, packages, favors, or products
beautifying a lunch or picnic
 adding a little more love to baked goods or any food
adding some unique fun to crafts
specializing your scrap booking
spicing up an invitation
fancy up a party...
the possibilities are endless! 
I love this stuff!  It is so cute and there are so many creative ways to use it.
I'm thinking I'd love to pack a picnic wrapping and labeling the food using Divine Twine.
Wouldn't that be just divine! :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Isn't summer the best?
We had our annual friend backyard camp out summer soiree.  It was incredibly fun! 
Pictures to come in a bit...

Oh! and a special thanks to Midday Escapes today!  I am a part of their "Meet n' Greet Monday!"
How super sweet they are to ask me to join them today! 
If you'd like to know a bit more about me or a pina colada, drop on by for a visit!
Happy Monday! xoxo


I Heart Madewell

Madewell, JCrew's sister store, finally has its own online store.
I really like the quirky-chic style of Madewell and think that I 
would really like to own a few of these fab finds... especially those shoes! 
Aren't those just fantastic sandals!?


Mediterranean Palette

I adore the use of a Mediterranean palette.  Emerald green, rich turquoise, and deep marine blue are so beautiful together. It is like a mixture of sea glass.  Using this mix, whether as the the entire palette of a room, or as a color punch, it is fun, exotic, and chic.

Packaging is Everything!

"Of Course You Deserve It!"

 Isn't this just darling? 
How fun to get this in the mail or to send this to someone.
I just love it when companies go the extra mile and pay attention to the details. 
 It makes opening the package that much more special.
Stella & Dot is one of those unique companies.

Don't forget they have that great summer sale going on!


Stella & Dot Summer Sale: up to 50% off!

Stella & Dot has some of our most popular and loved jewelry on sale right now! 
Crazy fab prices: up to 50% off!
Most of these pieces are some of my faves!  If you are interested in any of them, 
I'd be quick, because some of these will go pretty darn fast!

FYI: This jewelry makes a fabulous gift.  The packaging is so darn amazing. 
For Reals! I get comments ALL THE TIME on how adorable the packaging is.
In fact, I'm going to take pictures and post what it looks like a little later, just so you can see. 
You can just place the order on my site and have it shipped directely to the person you are gifting--
no wrapping required.  It's too cute to wrap!

Laura Day Living

I was so excited to discover Laura Day's webazine! 
It's amazing how many online magazines there are these days.  
This one is particularly fabulous, especially if you love beautiful and practical interiors.   
Laura Day Living is filled with tips, inspirations, practical ideas, and wonderful pictures.  I especially like the organization of this webazine-- very user friendly.   Laura is known for her contributions for various interior design magazines and the TV show Trading spaces

 This family room is so practical and functional for children, 
while still being sophisticated for adults.

Love the calming color pallet and stacked bookshelves are pretty great too.

 What a fun, bright, and summery moodboard. It just makes me happy:)

Can't wait to peruse some more!  I love it when crazy talented people share 
what they've got going on in their fabulous minds!


Eau de Parfum

Right now I'm dreaming of having one of the amazing fragrances 
in the Bond no.9 New York line. Just their bottles alone are a work of art!
I find it so fun discovering new fragrances to love.

I've mentioned a few of my favorites before:
Well, I'm on the hunt for some new favorites.  

Many of you stay quite, and that is just fine, but every now and then I'd love to hear from you... 
so speak up and out  
and share your favorite fragrances with us all!
Do you have a signature scent? 
Do you have a parfum you just love?  
A favorite for Summer?  

I tend to like more beachy, tropical fragrances. 
In addition to Bond no. 9 New York line, I'd love to try:



Just finished this newer adaption of Jane Austin's Emma.  
The BBC made a series for Master Piece Theater. 
If you are a f an of Emma or Jane Austin, you'll really enjoy this series.  
I loved it! Loved it! 
I rented my show from Netflix's, so not sure where else you can get it.  
I thought every detail and character was just fantastic. 
Even though I just finished it last night, I want to start it again tonight... 
it was so enjoyable.


Omlet Eglus

We built in the area we live in with the intent on having horses...
and although most of our neighbors do have horse, we still don't have any. Someday!

My husband does want to get goats this summer.  
Um... I'm not sure how I feel about that.  
We both agree we should get chickens, however we so do not agree 
on a home for the chickens.  He wants to build a home for them, 
and I want to get them a little stylish, modern home.  
Hey, I know the chickens don't care what their home looks like, 
but it is in my backyard, and I care! :)
How great are these eglus


French Crepes

You may already use this recipe, or your own 
version of them.  If you don't, then you've got to 
try this!  We eat breakfast for any meal
around this household.  It is probably 
because I grew-up doing that and have a great 
love for egg-y things. 

French Crepes

1 1/2 Cup flour
2 Cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt
pinch of sugar
2 eggs
1/4 Cup melted butter

Whisk together the flour, milk, vanilla, salt & sugar.  Mix in the eggs one at a time, then add hot butter and chill for 1 hr.  (btw: I never add the butter to the batter.  I always use the butter in the pan and I rarely chill for an hour, it still turns out yummy).
Cook on med-high with lots of butter. Pour batter in frying pan and move pan around so that the batter spreads out and thins. Once it bubbles a bit flip onto other side.
Fill Crepes with nutela and bananas, fruit and powdered sugar, strawberries and yogurt, or squeese fresh lemon juice on and add powdered sugar (sounds weird, but is DELICIOUS!)

**TIP: I love swedish lingonberries in my Crepes with some powdered sugar.  I was ecstatic to find recently that IKEA sales lingonberries.  They are fabulous in Crepes or on German Pancakes.  I also tried some of IKEA's other fruit preserves from Sweden and I really liked them.  Just one more reason to like IKEA, right?

Color Trends Here to Stay

I really like this article on Elle Decor's site about color trends.  They have some good ideas on colors, which is what I need right now since I'm trying to decide on a color for my kitchen/family room.  I'm leaning towards a slate blue, but I'm just narrowing which one to use.  Have any of you used a light slate blue that you liked?

 Personal Style

“The best way to make our lives less stressful is to surround ourselves with colors we love,” says color consultant Bonnie Krims.
Some of the color pro’s all-time favorite colors include:
1) Sherwin-Williams: Determined Orange (6635) “It's is a safe orange. It’s bold without being garish or too bright. It’s a beautiful backdrop in a den or family room.”
2) Pratt & Lambert: Bayou (24-28) “This dreamy color makes you feel as though you are in the middle of the ocean.”
3) Benjamin Moore: Glass Slipper (1632) “Everything looks good with this faded neutral sky blue.”

Plum is the new Black

Color consultant Bonnie Krims swears plum is on its way to replacing black. Her plum suggestion: Benjamin Moore’s Purple Lotus (2072-30). “It’s a deep, rich plum and a nice neutral backdrop,” says Krims.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Touch of Gray

A bedroom whose walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Sidewalk Gray (2133-60) evokes a calming influence. The room represents “Modern Tranquility,” a Benjamin Moore 2008 palette characterized by neutral hues that emphasize spaciousness with a quiet suggestion of color.

For more ideas on colors click here to go the article.
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