Spray Paint Love and Animal Decor

So, I have become I little spray paint happy again... the chair above was a great find! A Restoration Hardware bamboo chair found at a local overstock store.  It was white, but had some damage that needed to be covered, so I found this great turquoise color.

Next, I have seen some fantastic, bright colored, ceramic animals used in decor lately, and I wanted to add a few to our home.  However, the cost of these animals was more than I wanted to spend. So, I took the kids to Hobby Lobby and let them each choose an animal they wanted in their rooms, and then we painted the animals. The kids loved picking an animal and having a little paint project, and I liked adding something fun to their room decor. Plus, I bought these when Hobby Lobby had them for 50% off. It was a pretty inexpensive way to add a little color and fun to their rooms.


Fantasizing: a day at the spa + beach= perfection!

I couldn't help but share this lovely inspiration board. 
Just looking at it is relaxing....ahhh!
This must have taken forever to create, but it is beautiful.
One of my favorite things to do is go to the spa or have a relaxing getaway with friends. 
Camille from Style Notes, created this Fantasy to FĂȘte series 
for Coco+Kelley the other day.  
Camille, you put together an amazing inspiration board. 
We were right on the same wave of dreaming...

Right now, I am fantasizing about being on a beach, with crashing waves, 
peace & quite,
no screaming, fighting, cleaning, organizing. 

reading and finishing this book, 

listening to some good music.

 and enjoying the sun.

Kitchen Love

I have kitchens on my mind this week.  Particularly since we've been doing a few little projects to freshen up our kitchen (pictures to come later).  I didn't have the full use of my kitchen for a few days, and it is amazing how important the kitchen is in a home. We are truly blessed with modern conveniences.  I never realized how dependent I was on a simple sink... well, not entirely true. When I lived in Africa for a bit, and we had to fetch our water from a well, then carry the water in buckets, on top of our heads, up a steep hill.  I REALLY missed the convenience of running water and a sink at that point in my life... but that is a different topic.
I really veered off topic this time. Back to kitchen love. Here are a few inspirational kitchen's that I find rather lovely.

This is one of my all time faves. Just love the citrus color palette.

I really like the look of white kitchens, but I like punches of color in the kitchen. 
This photo above is amazing, but it could use a punch color.



Today Jill Can Blog is doing a review and giveaway for a 
Modern Palm Weekly Planner
She also has a great store review of Modern Palm! It's always fun and exciting to find out 
others love my new store too!  Really, I'm quite in fond of it! :) 
What a sweetheart! Oh, and I love her sassy, fun personality & writing!
If you'd like to check it out and enter to win click here!

The weekly planner is one of 5 zigzag notepad designs that are
EXCLUSIVE to Modern Palm.
( BTW There are two more designs in print right now that will be in the store soon!  Yea!)


Emily Henderson: Design Star!

I enjoyed this season of Design Star, however, it took a while for me to find someone that I was rooting for.   Mid-season I finally found my girl to cheer on... Emily. She is this funny, quirky, down-to-earth girl that started to really pull out all the stops and impress!  In the end she, Emily Henderson, won and deservingly so. Her last two designs were fantastically perfect! Did you see? Anyone out there enjoy this season?
Emily was darling when she won. She has this natural likable, genuine personality. Naturally, I had to check out more of this talented designer's portfolio.
She is a stylist, so some of these photos are from some past work she has done as a stylist. Other photos are some of her work from the challenges on the show. Love the balance, color, and texture in each of these photos. Emily's new HGTV show premieres on Sunday and will be called Secrets from a Stylist. Can't wait!


Fashion Friday: Falling Summer

As summer is wrapping up and fall is sneaking up,
here are a few outfit ideas that have options for those
unpredictable days.

CraziBeautiful Women is an online magazine that focuses on honoring women, living, creating, and cooking. I am a contributor for the magazine and am so excited to be a part of their purpose and focus.  We are a newer magazine, but you'll be impressed with all the crazi info and crazi amazing women so far! You'll have to check us out and subscribe!


Baby Shower, Gift, & Decor Ideas: Modern Palm Boutique

Do you have a baby shower coming up? 
Know of a friend or family member who is having a baby? 
Or, are you having a baby?

has some fabulous gifts for babies, baby rooms, and children! 
Oh! and let's not forget the all important mom! 
Modern Palm also has great items and gifts for the mom, as well.

***Just a note to you, my blog friends***
Modern Palm is my new online store, and I would be so forever grateful if y'all 
could take a second or a minute and become a friend on my Modern Palm Blog,
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Fabulous Finds. Fresh Designs.
If you like what you see, please pass the love along and 
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Thank you so very much.

Here is a sample of some of the plush animals, darling art prints, journals, decorative pillows, aprons, books, bamboo baby mobiles, hooded towels, art cards that are in the Modern Palm Boutique.
There are so many more fun, unique, and darling gifts... 
come take a look!


More Art Work to LOVE

Found another Etsy site that is screaming with fun prints... I would love to hang any of these pieces by artist Angela Vandenbogaard. She even has a fantastic family tree that is not like other family trees I've seen... this is fun, whimsical, and modern. I so need to get this for my family.


DIY Family "Established" Sign

Some of you may already have something like this, but if not, this is an easy way to create a family established sign.  I had the info printed in black vinyl, took a frame I already had, placed the vinyl on the glass, and put a white piece of paper inside the frame.  
You could also just print the info in bold on the white piece of paper and put it in a frame. Pretty simple thing that makes a fun sign for the family. 


Tobi Fairley Designs

I am so impressed with this home that Tobi Fairley designed.  
She was recently featured on the cover of At Home in Arkansas
and the second I saw those Imperial Trellis pillows in yellow and green,  
I knew I'd love the entire home.  No kidding, I could move in today and be completely
happy with every room. Swoon. Swoon. Swoon.

A current project I'm working includes a gallery wall. In that gallery, I want to have the 
silhouettes of my 4 children included.  In that plan the silhouettes were the typical black.
I'm dying over these pictured above!
I'd love to have mine made in fun, bright colors... I've never seen such darling silhouettes.

The chandelier, mirror, and sconce ledges are pure perfection. 
Those vases look awfully vulnerable... 
I have 3 boys.

Wish I could pull something similar off for my princess. 
She would love such a simple, detailed, pink & purple room.

I adore the use of yellow and purple in a baby room.  Now why didn't I think of that?
Crazy over those paisley decals. 
And the thick outline in the corners and above the baseboards is fantastic!
Trying to think of where I could do that in my home?

What do you think? Are you as in love with this home and designer, as I am?
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