Emily Henderson: Design Star!

I enjoyed this season of Design Star, however, it took a while for me to find someone that I was rooting for.   Mid-season I finally found my girl to cheer on... Emily. She is this funny, quirky, down-to-earth girl that started to really pull out all the stops and impress!  In the end she, Emily Henderson, won and deservingly so. Her last two designs were fantastically perfect! Did you see? Anyone out there enjoy this season?
Emily was darling when she won. She has this natural likable, genuine personality. Naturally, I had to check out more of this talented designer's portfolio.
She is a stylist, so some of these photos are from some past work she has done as a stylist. Other photos are some of her work from the challenges on the show. Love the balance, color, and texture in each of these photos. Emily's new HGTV show premieres on Sunday and will be called Secrets from a Stylist. Can't wait!

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