Fabulousness at Ballard Design

I think that one of the best places to find mirrors happens to be Ballard Designs.  
They have such great, unique statement mirrors.
If you're looking for an easy and classic way to enhance any area of your home, 
decorative mirrors are always a great choice.
Mirrors are a wonderful addition to most any room and can visually enlarge a room, 
enhance the lighting and create a focal point.

These designs are amazing! 
I'm crazy about these mirrors and wish that I could 
fill my home with these great finds.

 This post was originally just about mirrors, however, I got sucked 
into the fabulousness that Ballard Design has right now,
so I had to show a few more of my current obsessions.

These shelving brackets are perfect to use as stages for favorite pieces and hang them
with framed art to create interesting dimension. Perfect to flank a door or window 
or use in a wall gallery like the one bellow.  
Also, I am in LOVE with the Domino Green fabric they used to cover the screen.  
This would be such a great fabric for a chair or pillows.

Since Mr. D loves to hunt we are not at a loss for antlers around these here parts. 
We don't agree on how they should be displayed though.  
I asked if I could paint his European mount white...
he laughed at me.  So maybe I just need to buy some of these
white these Atelier Antlers pictured above.

 This Montego Wicker Chair is so flippin' fabulous! 
I love the size, texture, and tropical feel that it gives.  
The seat cover needs a fun bright cover... 
maybe that Domino Green fabric above! How fantastic would that be?
And here are some fave accessories that would be lovely in any home. 
Especially love that art print of Paris places. 
OK that is enough dreaming and wishing for home decor.  
Back to reality!
Hope you are all having a lovely week!

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  1. I don't have enough mirrors in our house at all. need to check out some more


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