Taschen Books: The Great Escape Series

Once upon a time, I was a semi-traveler.  I hope to be that once again.
It is a true passions of mine...
until then, I love me some beautiful art and dreamy books to
satisfy my travel cravings. 
I like to get lost in the style and comfort of books. Here are a few books
I'd like to get my hands on.



The bold, attention grabbing red and the 
sassy, adored by all, pink are perfect when pair together, 
especially during the month of February.
Express love and appreciation this Valentine's Day with the help of
Modern Palm. 
The most important aspect of all things Valentine's Day 
is not price but thoughtfulness and creativity.
We have plenty of unique and thoughtful gift ideas to inspire 
you to connect with the people you love.


CB2 Happy Family Room

So many things I love about this photo from CB2. The bright, colorful wall gallery;
Round marble coffee table, and the Euro sleek, midnight blue Piazza sofa
{The word "piazza" just so happens to be one of my favorite words.  
After returning from a trip to South Carolina, I continually tried to get everyone 
to call our back porch the Piazza... but everyone refused}. Darn. 
Anyway, I'm so loving so many things from CB2 right now.
Especially these utility pendant lamps. Aren't they great?!


Joel McHale: the funny guy who has the fabulous home!

All I'm going to say is Joel McHale... did you laugh? I did. 
One of my fave shows is The Soup... I die laughing. When I saw that his home was highlighted in the December issue of InStyle I was curious what it would look like.  
When I saw,  I freaked! I'm so completely in LOVE with his home. 
In my dreams! In my dreams! I die! I love! 
Never knew he was such a family man, now I'm impressed and like him even more. His met his wife, Sarah, back in college and they've been married 14 years. She had the dream job of a design assistant to Kelly Wearstler, yes, you read that correctly... THE Kelly Wearstler.  
Huh! No wonder their home is fantastically wonderful.  
With the help of another Wearstler alum, Elizabeth Gordon, 
they created a home that is off the charts cool.
Want to see more? 

I love the unique, white chandelier and the colored wallpaper on the ceiling 
with the textured tree wallpaper, combined with the bright, funky painting.

This master bedroom is amazing and I'm so loving the capiz shell globe lights 
and four-poster chrome bed.  They are both so unexpected and unique.

There are so many things I love about this home.
I'm impressed with how fab it is yet still cozy and live-able, 
which is so important since they have two young children.

 Photographs by Douglas Friedman for In Style 
Images  found via Elizabeth Gordon Studio.


Altitude Summit

I have been at Altitude Summit for the last two days.
 It has been amazingly inspiring and informative.  The creative talent that is on the web is insane!
I've loved meeting and reconnecting with other lifestyle and design bloggers.
I'm not ready for it to end! Can't wait to post more on this event and can't wait to work on applying my new ideas and excitement on both this blog and my store Modern Palm.
 Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Love List: More Fabulous Art

Gosling Lake

"edition" wall art

I'm always on the hunt for lovely and inspiring art.
Here are a few more new faves of mine. 

Colcasac Natural Sleeves for the MacBook, iPhone, iPad, & Kindle

and we've recently added new designs and styles to our shop.

If you received a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle for Christmas, then chances are 
you're looking for a unique and stylish protective cover for your new technology!
The bonus is these sleeves are durable and environmental friendly!
I personally use these sleeves, and I absolutely love their designs and materials. 
They also make a thoughtful, unique, and fantastic gift...
Hello! Think Valentines! It is right around the corner! 
Do you have a lovely love or "friend" that would love to receive one?
Check out our new inventory


Serena & Lily

I loved getting the new Serena & Lily catalog and seeing all of the new amazing fabrics, bazaar treasures, designs, and decor items.  I especially loves Serena's new kitchen. I'm so loving her banquette and shelving. I'm quite obsessed with banquettes and am wanting one for my kitchen nook in a bad way.
Oh! and check out those amazing pillows. Wowzza!


Christian Chaize Art: "Praia Piquinia"

I was smitten when I first saw the work of Christian Chaize
The problem is, amidst my ever growing files of home decor ideas, I can't find the article  & photos to show you... for the life of me, I can't find where I first fell in love!  
Luckily, Elle Decor had an article where Christian Chaize was featured again. When I first saw the article highlighting the amazing home of Australian, Kiane van Mueffling's Manhattan apartment, I squealed. Yup. I did. And I received weird looks from the hubby. 
First, I noticed the incredible rug by Beauvais Carpets. It's a beauty. 
Then, I noticed Christian's project , in all it's large glory, of a lovely beach in Portugal.  His project, which has extended through several years, is called Praia Piquinia. He has taken several photos of the same area of beach in Portugal.

Why is it so cool? Well, I love the happy colors of the umbrellas; the way he has captured a recent-ish moment in time, with several unknown people enjoying a day at the beach, and yet it has a retro/vintage feel. Most importantly, I've been to that beach and, once upon a time, have enjoyed time there.  I lived in Portugal for a bit, while in my early 20's, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, we all know how obsessed I am with the sun, palm trees, and beaches. That, my dears, is perfect art, in my opinion.
So, the sad part of the story is that my fave print, is a limited edition and is sold out.  Yes, it is true...Believe me, I even contacted Christian himself, and that print is gone. Anyone know how to work some magic? ;) Some of the prints are found on 20x200, a great place to find decent priced and unique art.


Happy 1.11.11!

source unknown...aka I forgot

What an interesting day! Fun! 
What does one do on a day like this? Make a wish?
My wish is... 
relaxing on a beach, by the beautiful, turquoise ocean.
Book in one hand, a pina colada in the other, 
and enjoying the warmth of the sun. 

Reality: it's 14 degrees outside.


Make a Fresh Start with Your Home Decor

It's A New Year!
Make a fresh start with your home decor
by adding some bright and happy fruit!
Get the look of the famous Jonathan Adler pillows,
but pay half the price!
These pillows will add a fun, bold, modern
and groovy feel to your family room,
bedroom, kitchen, mudroom,
child's room...
well, basically any room
 where you may add this fantastic pillow.

Modern Palm
has a great selection of home decor pillows for any room in the home.
For reals... a great selections that I think you'll love!


Catimini Clothing

While on a much needed girl-trip to California  a few months back, my friends and I came across a darling French line for Children, Catimini.  While I loved the boys clothing, I was extra obsessed with the girl clothing (of course)!  These are just a few samples of the adorable line.  Oh, how I wish it were more affordable because my Ashy girl would look so darling in these outfits.  Regardless, they are still fun to admire.  From what the girl at the store was saying, we are limited in the USA on the Catimini clothes, but Europe, specifically France, has quite the selection. Darling, no?

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