Christian Chaize Art: "Praia Piquinia"

I was smitten when I first saw the work of Christian Chaize
The problem is, amidst my ever growing files of home decor ideas, I can't find the article  & photos to show you... for the life of me, I can't find where I first fell in love!  
Luckily, Elle Decor had an article where Christian Chaize was featured again. When I first saw the article highlighting the amazing home of Australian, Kiane van Mueffling's Manhattan apartment, I squealed. Yup. I did. And I received weird looks from the hubby. 
First, I noticed the incredible rug by Beauvais Carpets. It's a beauty. 
Then, I noticed Christian's project , in all it's large glory, of a lovely beach in Portugal.  His project, which has extended through several years, is called Praia Piquinia. He has taken several photos of the same area of beach in Portugal.

Why is it so cool? Well, I love the happy colors of the umbrellas; the way he has captured a recent-ish moment in time, with several unknown people enjoying a day at the beach, and yet it has a retro/vintage feel. Most importantly, I've been to that beach and, once upon a time, have enjoyed time there.  I lived in Portugal for a bit, while in my early 20's, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, we all know how obsessed I am with the sun, palm trees, and beaches. That, my dears, is perfect art, in my opinion.
So, the sad part of the story is that my fave print, is a limited edition and is sold out.  Yes, it is true...Believe me, I even contacted Christian himself, and that print is gone. Anyone know how to work some magic? ;) Some of the prints are found on 20x200, a great place to find decent priced and unique art.

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  1. Hi!

    I found your blog when I was doing a search for Christian Chaize and I love it! We're both in love with the same sold out print as well! Pretty funny, right? I'm considering buying one of the others because I'm afraid that they'll all end up selling out and I'm sure I'll love any of them hanging on my wall. I wish I knew where to find that print as well... sigh :(

    I'm going to check out your online shop as well. The laptop cases look great. Is there a separate one for the 17 inch?

    I fell in love with art at an early age and after taking an art history class in college and after a couple of trips to Europe and a year in England, I was hooked. I just wish I could afford to collect more.

    I have a couple of artists that you might be interested in...I haven't had a chance to through your blog...you're probably already familiar with Eric Zener. I'm lusting after one of his prints right now!

    Geoffrey Humphries is a British painter living in Venice and I'm lucky enough to own two of his watercolors of Venice. I hope that one day I'll be able to own one of his nudes or one of his paintings of dancers. If you get to Venice, I'd highly recommend checking out the Holly Snapp Gallery. I've posted a link below.


    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks so much!


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