Bon Appetit & Some Exciting News!

in a Mother's Day Gift Guide.
Check it out here! 
There are some great ideas in their gift guide, but the best gift idea is this apron! 
Modern Palm has a great selection of aprons and tea towels to match.
Thanks  for including us Bon Appetit!


Weekend Highlights

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!
I'm grateful that we had a little snippet of good weather so at least the
kids could hunt for eggs outside. 

My sweet nephew had a superhero party and since then, 
J Boy has been a superhero non-stop! 
He even had to wear it for the Easter egg hunt. We have to call him Superman and 
he has saved us quite a bit. I love how he stays in character while dressed up. 

After years of thinking about getting chickens, we finally did! 
Just in time for Easter. The kids have already had fun taking
care of them and holding them.


Know a Deserving Mom?

It's that special time of year to celebrate all the wonderful moms in the world! 
Mothers Day is around the corner (May 8th), 
and Modern Palm is here to help you give 
a wonderful, thoughtful, and unique gift...
Just the perfect way to say "thank you," "love you," and/or "rock on!"

Who is that deserving mom in your life? 
you, your mom, your mother-in-law, sister, friend, grandmother???

no matter who it is, we have an incredible selection of gifts.
Don't forget there is free shipping on orders over $100.


Maps Book

I have this thing for maps and globes... maybe I'm just dreaming of traveling. 
I've been looking for maps to frame for my wall gallery,
and came across this fantastic find of a book: Maps by Lena Corwin.

Lena Corwin began illustrating city maps monthly for an interiors magazine in 2004 
and decided to gather her forty favorite maps and make a book.  
There are 20 maps of cities in the United States and 20 maps of cities outside the US.
I think this would make for a fun gift to someone who loves a good
coffee table book and/or who loves to travel.


Amy Lau Design: Beach House

Love these rooms by designer Amy Lau Design.
I love the mix of natural elements and modern funky fun.
The chartreuse coloring is fantastic, especially mixed with aqua and gray.
Favorite part is the use of sticks/trunks as a funky part of the decor.
Amazing statement.


TRADhome Online Magazine Premiere Issue + Modern Palm

Traditional Home and Lonny Magazine joined forces to create the new online magazine TRADhome
 Being the fan of decor magazines that I am, I was very excited to see their premiere issue for spring...
however, I was also pleasantly surprised and excited to find that
 Modern Palm was included in their issue! 
Our Katherine Rally Dallah Pillow in classic blue was highlighted.  
So excited to be included! Thanks TRADhome! And congrats to Katherine Rally for making such lovely, 
graphic & global exotic pillows! Modern Palm loves them, and it looks like others do too.

Babble Beach Guide + Whistle Bag

A big THANKS to Stephanie for including our Whistle Bag in her Summer Beach Guide. 
The Whistle Bag really does make the perfect beach bag... I've put it to the test! 
We also have some other great canvas bags that I think are pretty functional and fun.
Check out the rest of Stephanie's beach guide at Babble.


Jonathan Adler & Happy Chic

Dying! No, Freaking out! No, Loving the Jonathan Adler Happy Chic line at HSN
These bud vases are so darn cheep and look so darn chic. 
Love them in white too!

and then there is the Greek Key blanket in black and white!

This rug is amazing too. 
 I had Jonathan's design books on my wish list for Christmas, 
and Santa was nice and gave me his fab books that I love to flip through, study, and cherish.
He just makes me happy. Jonathan truly does = Happy Chic! :)


Katherine Rally Home Decor Pillows: Magazine Features

Did you happen to see these Katherine Rally pillows featured in the 
February 2011 Coastal Living Magazine
Super exciting!
Modern Palm has a great selection of Katherine Rally pillows,
including those lovely ones that were featured in Coastal Living. 
Come check out the bold colors and fantastic designs!
In December 2010, Travel & Leisure featured KRT pillows as well. Yea!
Congrats to Katherine Rally! 
Modern Palm loves your designs and is so excited to carry these great products. 


Spring is Such a Funny Thing...

Warm, snow, rain, wind... sunny, snowy??-- what will the weather be today?

Time to change the winter berries and add eggs and bunnies...

 La, la, love this elephant mini palm tree from IKEA. It makes me so happy!


Wall Gallery Inspiration

I'm working on a home project: a wall gallery.  
I have gathered a great selection of inspiration photos.
Today, I'm sharing my inspiration over 
on my other blog: Modern Palm Blog. Please, come on over there!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day. 

I'm Back...

I'm back from a nice vacation with the fam.  The kids are off track, so we went to Las Vegas with Mr. D and enjoyed some amazingly warm weather, while Mr. D had some work to do.  We went to a different park everyday and had frozen yogurt everyday... in fact, it was so warm that the kids were complaining it was too hot. Funny. Their little bodies just didn't have time to adjust! They went from snow & freezing cold, to hot & sunny 80-90 degree weather. We surprised the kids with a little 2 day trip to Cali too. Loved my time with the kids, however, I had a hard time being disconnected from the computer for a week. I usually put the kids to bed and hop on the computer... well, I guess the bonus to no internet is more sleep. :) I now have a lot to catch up with, but am always grateful for playtime with my kiddos. Will post more photos later.
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