California Dreamin'

Mr. D had a business conference in San Diego last month, so we decided to make it a quick family trip to Cali! It was so amazing to get a little taste of warmth during this cold winter. Sometimes I wonder why we don't live in California. The climate is so wonderful! We were able to sneak a day in Legoland (and that is the last time we'll be doing that! :) Then, we were able to go to the beloved Disneyland for a day. It truly is the "happiest place." It is always so fun to take the kiddies there, and truth be told, I love it too. (so does Mr. D, but you'd have to catch him in the right mood for him to admit that!) That was our first vacation with four children. There were a few crazy moments, but for the most part, it was not too bad! I'm sure that will change in the future!


Dear Spring.....

Dear Spring, please come and stay awhile. We get so excited when you come for a visit. We get out the bikes, cars, scooters, and pretty much anything we can to play outside. We love to play outside without coats, run around our backyard, jump on the tramp, play pirates on the swing set, and swing in trees. Although the snow is pretty and nice, we are so excited for you to visit again. When you come again, we would love you to stick around. If you do, we'll make fresh lemonade! You'll love it and we will have so much fun!


Tasty Key Lime Pie

I have been in the mood to try new recipes lately. Whenever the seasons change, I get in the mood for all things "different." I clean, organize, re-arrange the decorations, try new recipes,and dream of redoing certain rooms, etc. Well, I happened upon this yummy pie. I love Key Lime Pie! I love anything citrus-ish! But, I have never had a frozen Key Lime Pie, and I was really impressed with this recipe. It will be a great refreshing dessert for a warm summer evening. I can't wait for both... summer and dessert!


Germs in the Kitchen

Isn't this a dreamy kitchen? Oh! It makes me want to redo my own kitchen. Well, I recently read an article about fighting germs in the kitchen. Yes, germs! Yuck! I think I do such a good job at disinfecting, but after reading this article, I need to get more tough. I've been doing some spring cleaning lately, and it looks like I'm going to add some more disinfecting to the spring list. Happy cleaning!


A very important Visiting Teaching Message

My aunt passed this funny little cartoon on to me. Thought I'd share with you!
If you are a "Twilight" fanatic, then you'll understand and appreciate!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a cute idea for a healthy snack.
We had green eggs and ham, green oatmeal, and a healthy green smoothie for brunch today. What should I turn green for dinner?


Ashy's 4th Princess Birthday

So, I'm feeling bad that I didn't "blog" when it was A-Girl's birthday in December. She wanted a princess birthday and really wanted Snow White to come. So, we found Snow White and surprised her and her fellow princesses. The party turned out great and it was fun to see Ashy so excited and have so much fun with her darling cousins and friends. We love you Ashy and can't believe that you're a big 4-year-old!

Cosmetic Cop

I LOVE shopping for and purchasing new products. I get so excited to try a new makeup item or new lotion or new skin care or new perfume...you get the idea. It is a little overwhelming, however, with so many products on the market. I'm constantly wondering if an item is worth it and does the item do what it says it does. That is why I love the book: Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter without me by Paula Begoun. She has studied, analyzed, tested, and critiqued leading skin-care formulations and makeup products to help women understand whether a product was worth the money or could live up to the claims on the label.
Wow! This is such a great find and such a help to me as I'm trying to decide what to try and what to buy. In fact, I need to use it tonight! I need a new tinted moisturizer! Tchow!

I-Man's Birthday Party

Just a few pics of our visit to Jumpin' Jacks for I-Man's birthday. He took a few friends and they had a blast running around and playing. Mr. D was right in there with them having fun, however, it was nothing like last year! I-Man did the same thing for his birthday last year (apparently he really enjoys going to these jump things) and Dave, Shari and Shaun ran around like they were in training on some obstacle course. Too bad I don't have pics of that! Maybe they can train again next year! J-Boy, although only 1 1/2, kept right up with the kids and went on everything they did! That kid has NO FEAR! In fact, I'm always IN FEAR of where he is and what he will do.
I-Man's birthday weekend was sure fun! Love you buddy!


Nordstrom & Jo Malone

Oh! Happy Day! Nordstrom has opened an improved store in Fashion Place Mall. Just a little piece of heaven here on earth! My dream is to "hang out" there all day and peruse all the fabulous goodies. And, of course, eat at their delicious cafe all day too! So, Nordstrom has finally added Jo Malone to the great family. I'm so very excited! I adore all the yummy lotions, candles, and perfumes. My favorite is Nectarine & Honey. But really, you can't go wrong with any of them.


Yogurt-Marmalade Cake

So, I have been experimenting with new recipes lately. My cousin and aunt introduced me to The Pioneer Woman where I have found some tasty food. This last weekend I made the yogurt-marmalade cake. Oh! Wow! So delicious! I'm wanting some right now. The Pioneer Woman does a great job explaining her recipies and taking pictures as she goes. She has a great story too! I love good finds like this!

Happy Birthday I-Man!

Happy 6th Birthday I-Man!
I can't believe how fast these years have gone by. I am so lucky to be your mother and to have you in my life. You have the biggest heart! Just tonight you were telling me about a girl in your class that always has messy hair, dirty close, and a lot of the kids make fun of her. We had a discussion on how we need to always be kind, even when others aren't. After thinking about it for a minute you said: "I know mom! I will get her number and address and we can go over and do her hair and take care of her! And I will help others be nice to her." Wow! How cute are you! That is a perfect example of how kind and sensitive you are.
I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! I love how you go in and out of your obsessions with Batman, Transformers, Cars, Trucks, Trains, Power Rangers, McQueen, Pirates, Karate, Animals, and the new one to add to the list... Star Wars! I love how you like to plan our day, or plan parties. I love how inquisitive and observant you are. I love how you take care of and play with your siblings. I love your darling laugh and your infectious smile. I love your imagination and everywhere you go with it. I just love you! Thanks for teaching me and being patient with me as your mom.

Darling Hat & Socks

My aunt Peggy made Grayson this darling hat and these adorable socks. I can't believe how cute they are and how talented she is. Thanks Peggy! He looks so cute in them. It is sure nice to benefit from her talents!

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