California Dreamin'

Mr. D had a business conference in San Diego last month, so we decided to make it a quick family trip to Cali! It was so amazing to get a little taste of warmth during this cold winter. Sometimes I wonder why we don't live in California. The climate is so wonderful! We were able to sneak a day in Legoland (and that is the last time we'll be doing that! :) Then, we were able to go to the beloved Disneyland for a day. It truly is the "happiest place." It is always so fun to take the kiddies there, and truth be told, I love it too. (so does Mr. D, but you'd have to catch him in the right mood for him to admit that!) That was our first vacation with four children. There were a few crazy moments, but for the most part, it was not too bad! I'm sure that will change in the future!

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  1. what we wouldn't do for some warm weather... looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


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