2010 Green Home of the Year: Country Living

Country Living  has debuted their 2010 Green House of the Year in the
World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan. 
Seriously, what a darling home in the middle of the city!

I think there are so many great things about this home, beyond the green aspect.  
For starters, I adore the fun bright wallpaper and love the unique light to add
a little spice to the entry/mudroom. 
 I also like how they continued the wallpaper into the living room, 
but added a twist with putting the wallpaper on the ceiling. Love it!

What a nice, rustic kitchen. I feel like some delicious pie should be baking in the oven... 

I really love the mix of the blue and purple colors in the above reading nook.  
And do you recognize the red shade fabric? 
It is from Katherine Rally and Modern Palm has pillows and tablecloths to match.

This wall gallery is simply fantastic! Love the simple white frames, paired with bright prints.
It makes such a uniform statement. Seriously fantastic! 
If you want more of the Green details on the home visit their site.


Book Love

Hey Mr. Santa! Ho! Ho! 
I'm just sharing a few fabulous books that are on my ever-growing book-wish-list.  
To start off, I'm so dying to take a peak at the two new Johnathan Adler books. 
These are at the top of my list. 
Love his bright, funky style.

I love this book by Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s
What a fantastic coffee table book. Full of beach, surf and retro fun.

Modern Glamour by Kelly Wearstler

The Fashion Files: Advice, Tips, and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men. I mean seriously...the clothing, decor and design that comes from this show is fantastic! 
I adore.

I'm interested in learning more about cooking gluten-free and this book
looks like a good place to start! ;)

I can't wait to check out Barefoot Contessa's new book.

I'm always up for a good historical read and I've heard this book 
about George Washington is a really good read.

American Modern is just one of several home interior books on my list. 
I could go on and on with more book love. It's funny, in an ever 
advancing technological world, I don't know if I'll ever let my book love go. 
There is something about holding a physical book and 
admiring amazing photography.
  How about you? What books are on your list right now?


Backsplash Ideas

traditional kitchen design by san francisco general contractor Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction

I always love checking out what people do with their back splashes.  
There are so many different styles and ideas that I'd love to use for a backsplash.  I'm always drawn to the simple,
classic, timeless white, but then I adore a fun and funky style that makes a statement 
and adds excitement to the room.  
We just recently changed our backsplash and counters.  We now have the Carrera Marble counters 
and I almost did white subway tiles... but last minute opted for the black, gray, and white marble mosaic tiles. 
 I already did white tiles with random pewter squares in our basement kitchenette, 
so I decided to do something a little more funky and fun.
Plus, our upstairs backsplash area is so small that I like the punch of design and color this adds to our kitchen.

My Kitchen backsplash

My Basement Kitchenette

Here are a few other backsplashes that I'm really enjoying right now.

Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Tommy Smythes Kitchen  kitchen
Miller Residence traditional kitchen

Condo Kitchen modern kitchen

Transitional kitchen traditional kitchen

Style de Vie Design eclectic kitchen

Backsplash detail contemporary kitchen

KitchenLab traditional kitchen

backsplash  kitchen

backsplash eclectic kitchen

backsplash mediterranean kitchen

San Jose Res 2 traditional


Christmas Boutique

Modern Palm is going to be in another Boutique. 
This will be a Christmas boutique for two days in Riverton, Utah.
If you live in the Salt Lake area, please come stop by! I would love to meet you
and love for you to come check out all of our fabulous finds Modern Palm has.
Pass the news along and invite your friends.

Designer: Rafael de Cardenas in Elle Decor

So this week I'm really enjoying this home found in Elle Decor. 
I was first reeled in with the green chandelier. 
Then, I was hooked with the use of raspberry and green. 
I seriously don't know if I have either of those two colors used anywhere in my home, 
but I'm sure liking the mix.
Both of the art pieces in the above photos are amazing. I'm a fan of large,
simple canvases that make a big statement. Oh, how I would love both of those.

This Manhattan apartment belongs to the cosmetics executive 
Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards, and was decorated by Rafael de Cárdenas.

I would love that retro credenza. 

I really like the look of the stainless-steel countertops,
and although I think the bright Lime cabinetry is pretty fun, 
I don't know I would ever actually do it...
unless I had a few homes and could really play around with different colors and styles.

There are so many things that stand out to me in these rooms. 
I love the wallpaper in the bathroom, the ceiling high headboard is amazing,
the furry beanbag would be great in any room, and what a fun green-fresh looking hallway.
This house just has so many fresh and unique things and colors going on. 


Gwyneth Paltrow & Country Strong

I am completely jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow. 
She is beautiful, an incredible & successful actress, a chef, married to a rock star and darling kids, 
has many beautiful homes & dabbles in interior decorating, her popular Goop site & newsletters...
and now we find out she has an amazing voice. 
Can one person have it all? I do believe so and it is Gwyneth.
I'm excited to see her new movie and loved her performance at the CMA.
Check out this video of her new hit song.


Mandy Moore is Stylin' in Plaid: Oprah Magazine

It was fun to see Mandy Moore back in the spotlight and in Oprah Magazine.
I really liked the photo styling and photography that was done with this photo shoot,
and the clothes...Well, I'm always lovin' plaid.

I love these over-the-knee wellies with heels.

 Orange and camel are always a fave, especially in the fall.
I didn't realize that Mandy Moore was the voice in the new Disney movie Tangled.
My kids have been excited to see the new movie, especially my daughter.
Now that I know Mandy Moore is involved, I'll be more excited to take them. 
At least the soundtrack should be good, right!

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