Christmas Dresses for Little Girls

I love the clothing for little girls, especially all of the fun dresses. I still remember getting so excited to get a winter or Christmas dress, and I've carried that on to my daughter. 
We are on the hunt to find a darling dress... here are a few that I'm loving.

Love Next for dresses. These are just perfect!

Both of these lovelies are found at  JCrew

I'm dying over these darling dresses at GapKids.
I'm just getting started! How to decide? There are so many beautiful dresses for girls. 
Why don't they make these for women too?

 And what about these lovelies from Janie and Jack?
Love the plaid.

I know miss Ashy would adore this dress... she loves to twirl.

This dress, though a bit more formal than the others, is absolutely beautiful.

I'm still on the hunt...  I'll post more, if I find anymore that are note worthy.
Do any of you have any good sources?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE that gold dress, I was so tempted to buy it but changed my mind since I just spent $100 on a little Christmas skirt, shirt and sweater for my daughter. One expensive dress should be enough for one year :)


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