Designer: Rafael de Cardenas in Elle Decor

So this week I'm really enjoying this home found in Elle Decor. 
I was first reeled in with the green chandelier. 
Then, I was hooked with the use of raspberry and green. 
I seriously don't know if I have either of those two colors used anywhere in my home, 
but I'm sure liking the mix.
Both of the art pieces in the above photos are amazing. I'm a fan of large,
simple canvases that make a big statement. Oh, how I would love both of those.

This Manhattan apartment belongs to the cosmetics executive 
Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards, and was decorated by Rafael de Cárdenas.

I would love that retro credenza. 

I really like the look of the stainless-steel countertops,
and although I think the bright Lime cabinetry is pretty fun, 
I don't know I would ever actually do it...
unless I had a few homes and could really play around with different colors and styles.

There are so many things that stand out to me in these rooms. 
I love the wallpaper in the bathroom, the ceiling high headboard is amazing,
the furry beanbag would be great in any room, and what a fun green-fresh looking hallway.
This house just has so many fresh and unique things and colors going on. 

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