Cosmetic Cop

I LOVE shopping for and purchasing new products. I get so excited to try a new makeup item or new lotion or new skin care or new perfume...you get the idea. It is a little overwhelming, however, with so many products on the market. I'm constantly wondering if an item is worth it and does the item do what it says it does. That is why I love the book: Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter without me by Paula Begoun. She has studied, analyzed, tested, and critiqued leading skin-care formulations and makeup products to help women understand whether a product was worth the money or could live up to the claims on the label.
Wow! This is such a great find and such a help to me as I'm trying to decide what to try and what to buy. In fact, I need to use it tonight! I need a new tinted moisturizer! Tchow!

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