I love and adore this space.  Seriously LOVE.  
I really want to have a banquette built for our little breakfast nook.  Mr. D and I have been talking about doing this for quite some time now, but after collecting these pics over the past year, and I'm more determined than ever.  Now, I only need to get Mr. D to see how much we NEED to do this. :)
That kitchen below is just a dream! I think that banquette is such a great size and love the retro table!

I really like the black and white stripes. Oh! And the floor. 
a bench on both sides is fun- just like a restaurant.
Love the wall gallery and love how long the bench is with the circular table.
Also, notice the storage.  I always love extra storage.

Just like the first photo, I'm loving the green and yellow. 
One of my must haves when we built our home was interior brick.  
The plan was to do the brick in the kitchen and breakfast nook.  By the end, the cost over-rode 
my dream and we never did it.  I still hope to someday.  
Why the story? Love the rock in this nook, however I would do my red brick.
Isn't that circular window fantastic?
via my design folder (but forgot to label where from. sorry)


  1. I love that first picture so much! It's so bright and cheery, perfect for a breakfast nook!

  2. These are some great images. I would love a nice clean lined settee for my kitchen. It's a goal of mine.

  3. Um, yes. I loooove those! Especially the top image!

  4. I've been trying to figure out how I could make one of these in my own home! I love them! Thanks for the inspiration pictures!

  5. They are fantastic nooks! I love the colors in the first and last best. We are thinking of exposing a brick wall in our old house. Need to get my guts up to do so!

  6. Drooling over those kitchens, especially the last one!

  7. I just love bright, cheerful spaces! Love that retro look too.


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