Massuco Warner Miller Design

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We had a low-key, but nice weekend filled with yard work, catching-up on the DVR, some serious catching up with 24 with our "24 groupies," 
and working on a little project I'll tell you about later. 
So, I am a little behind in my magazine reading, but luckily I came across this beauty this weekend! 
I was flipping through Traditional Home and I came across this gorgeous San Francisco home, designed by Melissa Warner of the wonderful Massucco Warner Miller design firm. 

This dining room is amazing! I love the bold orange chairs and gorgeous hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, which you might recognize from the cover of the Domino book.

 I don't know that I would ever do pink chairs in my home, but this picture could change my mind!
The pink velvet matched with zebra rug is so fun and different.

Are you sick of me saying how much I love white kitchens? 
 Well, I do. 
And I think this kitchen is another winner!

This photo belongs in my post on banquettes!  
Using a white bench at a table in my home would be a disaster...
but I love it in their home. :)

 I love everything in this photo: stripey couch, fabric and design of the coffee table, and the white chair and fabric is amazing! I would love to know where that chair came from!

 I am in the process of trying to find just the right wallpaper to put behind my bed in my bedroom.  This has too much gold in it for my room, but I love the warmth it adds to this room!  
The wallpaper is “Asuka” by Osborne & Little.

 What a fantastic reading nook!  I love the light and graphic pillows.

and now for the children's rooms. . .
I adore both color palettes! They are very smart, sophisticated and will work with any age. 
I really, really, really want to paint horizontal stripes in my home!  
Believe me, if it happens, I'll take pictures and show you! 
The problem is I have too many things on the to-do list!
 {Navy blue and orange are my high-school colors...go bengals!}

ahhhh! I adore this office space. 
 The Imperial Trellis roman shades are fantastic and add so much character to the office!

Image Credit: David Fenton


  1. This is a great collection of photos. And those orange dining room chairs!!! I just love them.

  2. Happy Share Fest! You have a new follower ;)

    I LOVE the daybed in the child's room that is planked by the bookshelves. I like how the sides of t he shelves are extended to enclose the bed. Sky blue is so befitting of children. There's something about it that embodies the whimsical magic of youth.

    I'm all over banquet seating! I love, love the idea for a breakfast nook. I also like the cozy sofa corner, coffee table, and chair. I can imagine comfortable, intimate conversation there!


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