Julie Bowen + Instyle: Modern Mom

Are you a fan of the show Modern Family?  It is a new fave of mine. I think the writers are pretty original and the characters are fantastic. It is a very funny show! Julie Bowen, however, is not a new fave.  I loved her in Boston Legal, Ed, and whatever else she has been in.  Right now, I'm loving her home that was featured in Instyle Magazine in the April issue. Her sister, Molly Luetkemeyer, who started the company M. Design Interiors, designed her home. I love the surprising art, eclectic furniture and the balance between 
comfort and chic.  
 These book shelves are very entertaining.  I could spend some time observing everything they 
did to organize and style.  I especially love the pop and usage of color.
I think it is always fun to see the interior of homes that have been designed well,
and viewing a celebrity's  home is especially fun. 
Especially one that I like and Julie Bowen seems like a pretty cool, modern mom.


  1. I salivated over this spread when I saw it in InStyle. There's so much color, but it doesn't, you know - hit you in the face. Love it.

  2. I've heard good things about that show. I am hooked on Parenthood.

    I LOVE Julie Bowen since the days of Ed. Her home is gorgeous!


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