Happy Things~Guest Blogger: Petit Elefant

Today, Allison from Petit Elefant Blog is answering a few questions so we can get to know her better 
and find out what makes her happy!  We met a few months back, and I have to say, 
she is very kind and happy person, plus I love her sense of humor!  
You'll see when you check out her blog, she has a great sense of humor.  
She has a lifestyle blog where she shares all her favorite tips and finds. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Well, what I wanted to be when I was little was either a journalist, a la Christiane Amanpour, or a National Geographic photographer.  I'm totally happy what I'm doing now, blogging, writing, taking photographs, traveling, being a mom. 
Product you can't live without?
It's this sunscreen/moisturizer called Nia 24. I seriously squeeze the last drop out of the tube, I love it that much.  It smells like heaven, is a super high SPF, and makes me feel luxurious!  

Favorite place you've been?
It's a toss up between Puerto Vallarta, Mexico {which is as close to heaven as I can imagine} and Boston, Ma.  Isn't that weird, they're so different, but I loved them both.

Dream vacation?
Bahamas, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba.  I'd love to see all those places with my family.  Spend a year just traveling, staying in little huts on beaches with my husband and kids.  In my dreams, this is where I'd go. 
Favorite Restaurant/Food?
I love really, really good Mexican.  Utah's actually pretty decent when it comes to Mexican, but there was this place in San Diego, this tiny little shack off the beach that had the best burritos ever.  I'll take Cafe Rio chicken salad any day of the week though.
Favorite TV show?
Well, right now it's a toss up between Modern Family {start watching today if you aren't already.  Hi-to-the-LARIOUS} and Vampire Diaries.  I love them both for different reasons, but I can't miss either of them.

Favorite movie?
Room with a View?  The Mission?  Ferris Bueller's Day off?  Empire of the Sun?  I have a lot of favorites.

Favorite treat?
Black licorice.  I can eat a whole bag all by myself.

How do you like to relax?
Sitting on the beach with a cold drink and a tabloid magazine.  Doesn't get better than that.  I like to run, go antiquing, thrifting, decorate, garden, travel.  

5 LOVES: movies- they're the best, diet dr. pepper, my FAVORITE, my bed--slumber heaven, my husband and kids, can't live without them, travel.
5 HATES: mean, shallow people, my forest green carpet, cold weather, fish, I hate the fact that I can't be 10 places at the same time.
Thanks Allison for sharing the things that make you happy!   I'm a lover of Dr. Pepper too! 
And I am also a fan of Modern Family, thus the post below on Julie Bowen's house.
I have yet to see Vampire Diaries.  I think I need to check it out!
Happy Day everyone!


  1. I love movies and Diet Dr. Pepper too! Nice to get to know someone like that. Good questions.

  2. What a great interview! I love many of the same things. How fun.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Saturday Share Fest..stopping by from Sits! I may have a pina colada today!

    What a fun interview, Mexican food is my fav too!


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