Meri Meri Party & Cupcake Fun

There is one problem with Meri Meri....
I can't decide which cupcake set I like more!  
There are too many cute decorations to choose from.
I think these cupcake kits are just too adorable.
I tried to get I-man to have a pirate party using these decorations and cupcake kit,
but he had his heart set on Star Wars.  
That's ok, because J-boy has a birthday coming up and he is still at the age 
where I can "influence" what kind of party he wants. :)
Don't you want to throw a party right now?  I almost do... almost.


  1. These are too cute! Stars Wars... space cadets... what's the difference?! :)

  2. too cute! I wish they had a graduation set though, I'm planning a party and they would be perfect!


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