Pinkalicious, Purplicious, and now... GOLDILICIOUS!

If you have a princess in your home, and you have yet to discover these three cute books, 
you might want to check them out. 
I wrote some time ago on my daughter's favorite books: Pinkalicious and Purplicious by Victoria Kann. 

Just wanted to inform those who may not know yet... Goldilicious is the new fave!
She loves Goldilicious because it involves a unicorn. Did you love unicorns when you were little?
I so remember loving unicorns, what is it about unicorns that is so enchanting?

 Another thing that is enchanting...
watching a child learn new skills.  I love to see how excited children get when they are
discovering and learning new-to-them things.
I think that is why I was a teacher, once upon a time.  The process of learning is just so exciting!
 A-girl has become quite the little reader lately.  She is one determined girl!  It is so cute to see her get frustrated, shut-down, find her determination, try again, succeed, and rejoice with excitement when she tackles another little reading book.  What a little spunk I have on my hands!
Thank heaven for little girls.  I love and adore my Ashy!


  1. this is such a cute picture of her

  2. I think so too! I don't think she could be cutier! I love this age, enjoy it before all her teeth start to fall out. Of course that is precious stage too(:

  3. I have got to get these for Halle!


    I had never heard of these book. I am assuming they are a must have for any little princess!

  5. SO cute!! Have a great weekend :)


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