Kitchen Love

I have kitchens on my mind this week.  Particularly since we've been doing a few little projects to freshen up our kitchen (pictures to come later).  I didn't have the full use of my kitchen for a few days, and it is amazing how important the kitchen is in a home. We are truly blessed with modern conveniences.  I never realized how dependent I was on a simple sink... well, not entirely true. When I lived in Africa for a bit, and we had to fetch our water from a well, then carry the water in buckets, on top of our heads, up a steep hill.  I REALLY missed the convenience of running water and a sink at that point in my life... but that is a different topic.
I really veered off topic this time. Back to kitchen love. Here are a few inspirational kitchen's that I find rather lovely.

This is one of my all time faves. Just love the citrus color palette.

I really like the look of white kitchens, but I like punches of color in the kitchen. 
This photo above is amazing, but it could use a punch color.


  1. I love white kitchens! My husband and I are completely renovating our kitchen. While we are not doing white cabinets (I lost the rock, paper, scissors game!) I am trying to incorporate as much white as possible!!!

    I love your blog!



  2. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel, we are doing a white kitchen so I LOVE This post!! Thank you! I have been without a kitchen for a month now and I am going NUTS! It should be done in a few weeks, I Hope! I will show you photos:) Where did you get the last photo? I really like the stools! Any idea where they came from? Thanks!

  3. LOVE that second kitchen...where did you find it?

  4. Sorry, I think I was so tired when I did this post I forgot some links...
    Massucco Warner Miller is the second photo and I put link in. Still trying to find link to last photo.
    Sorry Maria, I don't know where you can find those stools. Darn! Anyone else know?


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