Eau de Parfum

Right now I'm dreaming of having one of the amazing fragrances 
in the Bond no.9 New York line. Just their bottles alone are a work of art!
I find it so fun discovering new fragrances to love.

I've mentioned a few of my favorites before:
Well, I'm on the hunt for some new favorites.  

Many of you stay quite, and that is just fine, but every now and then I'd love to hear from you... 
so speak up and out  
and share your favorite fragrances with us all!
Do you have a signature scent? 
Do you have a parfum you just love?  
A favorite for Summer?  

I tend to like more beachy, tropical fragrances. 
In addition to Bond no. 9 New York line, I'd love to try:


  1. I love Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Not too summery, but I love it!

  2. My #1 fave is Clinique's Happy. I go back to it, time and again. You should try it!
    I like Amazing Grace (philosophy) as well. My friend bought both of these scents for me, years ago for my birthday, and they are still my faves.

  3. Mitsouko - I know it's an old classic but it gets me every time, it's so mysterious and multi layered. And for summer evenings, it's perfect. It does not, however, mix well with stale cigarette smells, as a friend kindly informed me during my very brief smoking stint as a student!


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