Liz Lang + Jonathan Adler= Perfection!

I am so in love with fashion designer Liz Lange's house in Westchester County, New York.
Of course, something this fabulous was designed by Jonathan Adler.  
It is amazingly fantastic!  
What is it about Adler's designs that make me so happy? 

Black and  white make for a classic color combo, 
but the bright turquoise, yellow, and greens add the bold punch 
that make these rooms so inviting and fun.
I am swooning over the graphic splash elements.

During an interview, MIMI READ asked: "You're a standard-bearer for unimpeachable chic design. You're also irrepressibly playful. How do you combine these aspects?"

JONATHAN ADLER responded: "I think a room should be 95 percent chic. There needs to be a solid foundation of good design, functionality, and harmony. Then you have the remaining 5 percent to layer on a playful vibe. If a room is merely playful it's usually wildly unchic. Conversely, if it's too chic it's dry and off-putting. I try to strike the perfect balance of chic and cheeky — an inclusive, unsnobby sort of buoyant spirit."



  1. Oh Lord that's perfection. I just want to open up Jonathan Adler's brain and walk around in there.

  2. Not sure if my first comment went through...but I am loving these rooms. I love aqua and keeping the walls white with allows playful colors pop without being too busy. I wish I could be so bold as to put yellow and aqua together. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. So glad you did so I could find yours.

  3. you can't help but smile when looking at these.

  4. Love these rooms - the green couch and chevron print rug are my favorite pieces!


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