Laura Day Living

I was so excited to discover Laura Day's webazine! 
It's amazing how many online magazines there are these days.  
This one is particularly fabulous, especially if you love beautiful and practical interiors.   
Laura Day Living is filled with tips, inspirations, practical ideas, and wonderful pictures.  I especially like the organization of this webazine-- very user friendly.   Laura is known for her contributions for various interior design magazines and the TV show Trading spaces

 This family room is so practical and functional for children, 
while still being sophisticated for adults.

Love the calming color pallet and stacked bookshelves are pretty great too.

 What a fun, bright, and summery moodboard. It just makes me happy:)

Can't wait to peruse some more!  I love it when crazy talented people share 
what they've got going on in their fabulous minds!

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