Beautiful Baby Nurseries

Baby Nurseries, I think, are hard to design.  I don't like a my baby room to be too cutesy.
I love a nursery that can grow with a child and one that is functional.
I also love fun color mixes. For example, the green and orange is so happy and unique for a baby room.
I also love the black,white, and yellow.  How interesting to put stripes on the ceiling.
I love it!

both of these via the late Domino

I love objects in the room that you normally would not use:
the wooden ladder or the greenery above.

Love these Nurseries from Serena and Lily. In fact, I'm in love with all their bedding.

This darling Nursery is found on a new-to-me children site called Kenziepoo.

These three pics are also found via Kenziepoo. I just love the colors used and the fun walls. 

Here are a few more pics from my Nursery Love file, however, sadly enough did not keep the links.
I really am trying to be better about that.
Maybe, I'll take some pics of Baby G's Nursery and post those soon.


  1. SOO fun! My "future nursery" is going to be black, white & yellow. I have been planning it forever so hopefully by the time we actually have a baby I won't have gotten tired of the idea. Not to mention I already have half the stuff for it! Love that orange & green one- really they are all fabulous :)

  2. Okay, so I love all of those photos, and I don't even have a baby yet. YET.

    Had to stop by because I am a big fan of Pina Coladas, which is my first priority upon arriving at the beach. And I'll take a thatched umbrella if they have one too. Stopping by from SITS.

  3. some gorgeous finds here, going to have a better peak around. Love the nursery photos and definitely like the more contemporary look too.
    Happy Saturday Sharefest! :)

  4. Love it! Thanks for all the ideas!!!


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