Favorite Hair Products

Now, to reveal my favorite hair styling products....
Recently, someone recommended to me CHI products. 
I have and love my CHI flat iron, but had never tried their products.
I'm so glad I followed the recommendation, because I love their products! 
So, after I towel dry my hair, I work through with Silk Infusion. Then, I blow dry and if I feel like I need a little more silk infusion to help with frizz, I'll work a little more in. 
Then, I spray the Iron Guard on before I flat iron.  This helps protect from heat damage. 
After I straighten or curl, I then use d:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme - to help the side bangs stay to the side and help manage and shape the ends.  I have a lot of hair, but it is fine, so it needs some direction and shaping. You may or may not need to use this product. 
I love this product for all of my son's hair and my husband uses this as well. 
It has a great smell, not to sticky, but shapes and lasts great!
My favorite hair spray I mentioned in a post before.

Now for those no-wash days, I can't live without Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo
Spray this at roots, shape again with blow dryer, and it is almost better than the wash day.
I cannot recommend a root spray yet. 
I have tried so many, but I'm not in love yet.
So, if any of you have a recommendation, I'd love one.

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  1. im a fan of sebastian's root spray.. havent tried chi hair care products. the only chi iron i bought was stolen off the set the first time i used it. so i've gone back to jibere, they work great, less expensive and less tempting to extras on the set...

    found you via sits.. happy monday.


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