Hair Spray Love: KENRA

Is it weird to love your hairspray?  Seriously!  This is THE best hairspray!  Being the product junkie that I am, I have tried so many different hairsprays!  I found KENRA, and fell in love.  However, I have not been faithful, and have tried others, just for the fun-of-it, but I ALWAYS regret straying..... I always come back to the tried and true product.  Love the smell. Love the hold. Love the last.  I am very confident in saying that it is the best out there!  I always seem to buy it on special at a beauty supply place in the mall.  They always have promotions so it's not too expensive.


  1. i live for kenra sales! and it is the only hair spray that actually smells good (& my boyfriend doesn't complain about). i got the mini size in my stocking, Santa is so smart.

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  3. Never tried Kenra before. Its so hard to find a hair spray that isnt obnoxious smelling.


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