Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner

So, after much deliberation,
(yes, I read a lot, talk to many beauticians and sales people at beauty supply stores,
and try different products)
I have come to my top three product hair lines.
I take in consideration these things: how color safe it is, how it smells, how it helps my tangles, body, volume, shine, manageability, how it feels, etc.
I love deals, so I ALWAYS buy when I find a great deal at those beauty supply stores in the mall.
Also, I love to rotate.  So, I rotate through these products, but next I'm going to try Aveda.  My hairdresser loves Aveda products. I really like the way my hair feels and smells after a visit to her,
but for now...these are the top 3.

Serious Colour Care &Hydrate
Although very pricey, I only buy when I find a great deal,
but I have been told by many that this is the best product to help retain color!
So, when you spend a lot to have hair lightened or darkened,
it is pretty important to keep that color!

Love the feel and smell.  This is a new favorite!

Hair always feels soft and is very easy to manage after using this.

I use a deep conditioner about 2-3 x's a month.  Maybe I should be doing this more...but for now this has worked for me.  Some great products are Purolology Hydracure, Redken Real Control Intense Renewal, and right now I am using Phyto ultra nurishing cream and I love it!


  1. Yes! I love Pureology and Redken. I'm not a highlighted blonde and Pureology is great for that but Redken makes me hair so soft, it's hard to choose. They both smell fantastic too.

    Thanks for the recs on deep conditioners by the way! I've been looking for a good one due to the over straightening and need for a hair cut.

  2. Hello there. I'm visiting from Sits! Great review on these hair products.

  3. I also like Redken products. Visiting from SITS. Happy Sunday.

    p.s. I also have giveaways ending this week: http://bit.ly/jIbPb

  4. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a HAPPY Monday!!! :)


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