Hello! From Las Vegas....

Wow!  I can't believe how hard it is to go without the internet these days!
We are in Las Vegas for a little get-away while my husband has some work here and
my I-man is off track in school. 
Usually, I have access to the computer/internet, however,
this time I didn't for 4 days! 
4 days! 
How funny is it that I had a hard time with that...I felt so "out-of-touch!" 
Well, I'm back! Yea!
It has been wonderful being in 60 degree weather instead of 30 degree. 
Tonight Mr. D and I are going to have a nice date-night. 
I'm so excited!  We will be going out to eat and to the show Le Reve
 Those are two of my favorite things to do....
go to a yummy new restaurant and enjoy a show.

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