Guest Blogger on Or So She Says......

I am a guest blogger on the blog: "Or so she says...." 
I was asked to write about the post I did on The Girl Effect and  Half The Sky
Come see me over there!

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  1. You did a fabulous job, thank you!

    ~ People are pretty lame when it comes to leaving comments, so NO worries...still thousands of people will read it...I promise! Besides, most readers read the blog on a format where comments aren't an option, like Google reader. It's too bad, we love comments too...and if it weren't for our Sitemeter telling us how many people are coming and sticking around...and our subscribers...we would think that 10 people read our blog!

    Your post...It's a great message to get out there, I'm so glad you shared your feelings and suggestions.

    Thanks again!



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