Jonathan Adler Home Decor

I have been such a fun of Jonathan Adlers home decor lately.  Especially the really great vase pictured above! These are just  a few samples of the amazing and unique wallpaper, vases, stoneware, throws, pillows, etc. Don't all of these things just make you go "ahhh! I'd love that in my home!"


  1. I hadn't even heard of Jonathan Adler until this holiday season when I went back to work at Nordstrom. He does have some great stuff!
    I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season. I'm sorry to hear that 2009 wasn't the best for you - nothing major I hope. I'm wishing you and your family a happy and blessed 2010.
    AND I want you to know I've always admired you and all the you have accomplished. Your a great mom, wife, and friend. I can't imagine you accomplishing more in a day! Go easy on yourself :) Love Ya!

  2. Cute stuff! You are totally helping me do my next nursery so be on the lookout for cute ideas!


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