Elizabeth Kimberly Designs. Um.....I'm Speechless.

I was attempting to clean my crazy mountain of magazines, but the word attempt is quite accurate.  As soon as I start to browse an issue I am derailed from the task at hand.  I came across an old Utah Style & Design issue and found a new-to-me locally based design team that I am in awe with.  After you see a few pics from Elizabeth Kimberly Designs, you'll know what I'm talking about.  I'm am quite impressed and quite amazed with their quality, classy, and timeless work. 

I love black doors.  I have a black door too, however I don't have those fantastic door knockers.

The nail head detail is really quite fantastic. 
I'm looking in my home trying to find where I could add this touch!


My husband loves to hunt.  I have made a strict policy that no animal heads are allowed in the main living area.  He has some in his home office, work office, and garage, however, if I could slap some stylin' wallpaper behind it....I just may consider changing my mind.  I'm really liking that cozy reading room.

Where do I begin with my love for this room? 
The pop of yellow and blue, the crispness of white, the chairs, the organization, the easel in the corner... 
Are you speechless like me? 
Isn't it fantastic that there are so many talented designers and people in the world?


  1. Hi, Just found your blog through LGN! Love these images. The first one is amazing; definitely saving for future inspiration.


  2. I fell in love with this house the first time I saw it. How wild is the nailhead in the kitchen!? Beautiful.

  3. I just found your blog through LGN too! I'm about go to devour it! That last room is so beachy and wonderful it's making my mouth water!

  4. I want my house to look like that, gorgeous! I've never seen nail head detail like that before, I love it :D

  5. Stunning. I particularly love the dove gray in the kitchen!

  6. I love the guts of these designers! I want to do something daring and inspirational! I wonder if the ghost in the second to last photo is a friendly ghost. I think so, since she is wearing yellow. :) great post!

  7. The 1st image had me at hello. Then I saw it, the nailhead trim. It is such a fantastic (& totally doable) accent.

  8. They're local?! Wow! I love it all!


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