I-Man's 7th Birthday + Jedi Training

A-girl had a butterfly on her forehead from a party the night before.
I can't believe I-man is 7! It is just crazy to me. 
He really wanted a Star Wars Jedi Training party... so, that is what he got.
We had light saber pretzels, yoda soda, galaxy popcorn and vader jelly beans.  
Along with Star Wars cupcakes.  A-girl was Princess Padme, Mr. D was Darth Vador, 
and I-man and his buddies were all Jedi Knights training.  
We set up an obstacle course and they had to rescue Princess Padme 
and make it back with the fastest time.  
Luckily the snow that had fallen the day before, had melted the morning of the party. 
I took a bunch of light brown fleece, and cut them all  into Jedi training gear.
They faught Darth Vador and had so muuch fun . 
What tuff Jedi's!  Way to use the force boys...


  1. So fun! What a great mom you are - so creative. i love that the boys all had their own jedi costumes. Cute family:)

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed at all the detail you put into your son's birthday party - the love you have for him shines through so clearly.


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