Red Super Hero

How is my little, loud, red super hero 14 months already? Where does time go? 
I know...chasing him, cleaning up after his disasters, and making sure he survives each crazy day.

Love you Baby G!


  1. Oh my, he is cute! I have a little red head too :)

  2. Alisa I love that Tuttle red hair shining through! He is so adorable and I LOVED this age. I guess all ages are great, but I really enjoyed this one.
    Tell me about the vinyl thing he is sitting on getting all dirty? Is it a table clothe?

  3. I am in love with his red hair! He is darling, Alisa! so glad to see the messes...we will survive! ;)

  4. Lori, it is a splat mat that is double sided. I use this under my 2 and 1 year old so they don't ruin my rug and mess the floor up too much. I got mine at The Land of Nod. They have super cute mats! Xoxo


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