Happy Things~ Guest:No Biggie!

It's that time of week again!  My guest is Kami from No Biggie!

In February, I highlighted some cute mailboxes she made for Valentines. 
Her blog is a great go-to for tips and crafts.
We met at the ALT conference in January, and discovered that she is an old high school friend of my brother.  We had never met until now, and I'm so glad we did.  She is so fun and so talented. 

Here are 10 Things that make Kami Happy:

1. That moment when you first lay down to go to bed at night. Knowing that you can relax and think about anything, or nothing at all, and just fall asleep... Ahhh sleep!
2. My little family - I love the nights when we are all home together. I love seeing my husband play and wrestle with our kids; it's the best!
3. Coke Slurpees or "Icees" from Common Cents. They are my favorite!
4. Eating Out: Chin Wah for Chinese, Restaurant Morelia for Mexican, and In N Out for Burgers and Fries - Yum! Now I'm hungry!
5. Thrifting! Oh the things you can find at a thrift store! One of my favorites: Milk Glass!
6. Blogging - I have met some wonderful friends via blogs that I otherwise would have not. A blog is a great way to get to know someone and to find out what they really like and what THEY want to talk about.  
7. Julie & Julia the movie - It was my most favorite movie this last year. I identified with it on so many levels: the food, the cooking, the blogging, the infertility of Julia... and the FOOD! I loved it! 
8. Left-overs for breakfast - I've never been much for sweet breakfast type foods (ie: pancakes, waffles). Pizza for breakfast?! YUM!
9. My Tivo'd shows - Right Now, The Modern Family is my favorite. I have a thing for Phil Dunphy, he's hilarious! 
10. Paper Crafts - Although I'm not a scrapbooker (GASP!), I do love all the awesome paper and tools available, because of scrapbooking. 

Thanks Kami! Love your list!  Although I totally disagree with you about breakfast food! :)
I love it, especially for dinner.  No love? For reals?! Have you ever had crepes? German Pancakes? OK I'm so sharing my German Pancakes recipe with you and then I know you'll change your mind.  
Totally agree about the movie Julie and Julia.  Loved it!

Happy Friday everyone! 
I'm off to celebrate my anniversary in Park City/Midway. Yea!


  1. Number one makes me happy too. Love that feeling!

    I agree with you, crepes, German pancakes. Yum!

  2. Wait a minute! I forgot about german pancakes. I love those!

    Thanks Alisa, for inviting me. That was fun!

  3. I love julie and julia! I think it was that movie that inspired me to blog :)
    Hey thanks for your comment on my blog,
    I totally understand what you mean. I don't know if you read my last post, before the FAB Friday, called Caught Off Balance, but you may find it helpful. I've been feeling the same way and think I've come up with a good plan :)

  4. That is one of my favorite movies too!

  5. Fun happy list, Kami! We too love Morelias for Mexican. But have you tried Bombay House for Indian?! So good!


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