Cover Girl Lash Blast + Diorshow

I have been a loyal fan of Diorshow Mascara for quite sometime. 
I had hunted for a great mascara for quite sometime and had finally found "the one."
It didn't flake or smudge, and it thickened and lengthened.  
Seriously, a great mascara is hard to find, at least for me.... 
I swear, my eyes must be weird, because almost everything 
smudges and smears on me.  
Cover Girl claims that their Lash Blast mascara is comparable to Diorshow
so being the product junkie that I am, I thought I'd put this product to the test. 
I'm all for a lower price tag! 
I tried it. I am in love with it!
This truly is comparable with Diorshow. For reals. 
I'm sorry Dior, I truly will always be a fan, I've just found a mascara that 
fulfills my needs with out the price tag.


  1. Thx for the great review. I will have to give this one a try as I have a coupon for it! Joining you from SITS!

  2. You are SO right about Lash Blast. I made the switch a little over a year ago and have just not looked back. It's AWESOME!

    Stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the community.

  3. THANKS for the great tip. Will have to try this. Welcome to SITS!


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