love this store + site
even if the clothing is way-out-of-my league in price, I can still appreciate the beauty.  
 This photography is amazing.  
That is how I feel when I receive an Anthropologie catalog.  
I get so excited just to look at the styling and photography, oh...and of course, the clothes.

 is the sister store to Anthropologie and you can tell just by the beauty.
Aren't these pictures just so...
what is the word I could use?  I feel like they take me on a foreign and historical trip.  
A journey.
So, the name is interesting, no?  Here is their description of how they got it:
"Leifsdottir is a young designer collection by Finland native Johanna Uurasjarvi. Meaning “daughter of Leif,” Leifsdottir illuminates the Scandinavian custom of inheriting your father’s name as your surname at birth. It is this sense of tradition and authenticity that is reflected in each and every Leifsdottir collection. In the words of Uurasjarvi, 
“No matter how modern our designs, they are always in some way a reflection of the past.”
Leifsdottir expresses its appreciation for the past by using antique-inspired buttons and trims, in addition to old-world tailoring techniques and fabrics. Juxtaposing this are artistic, modern twists like abstract photographic prints, unexpected color combinations, and uniquely draped silhouettes and proportions."

 I have Scandinavian ancestors and my maiden name is Rasmussen, so I am familiar with the father's name as your surname.... "son of Rasmus."  I find the historical meaning in names so interesting.  I think that it is really neat that they used  a name that has historical significance to represent their company and to be a part of their branding... very smart!

Who is their customer?

"She is a modern woman, who wants to look pretty and polished, while showing off her personality. 
Because of this, she is drawn to the charm and soul of Leifsdottir" 

Love it! That is all of us, right? 
At least we can all get some fashion inspiration.



  1. Those photos are TDF. Love love love them!

  2. wow such gorgeous photos...i am in love.
    i also am in love with your blog...FUN STUFF!!!!


  3. these images and fashion are so cool... have a nice weekend!


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