Designer Penguin Book Collection

Yea! More penguin books to love. If you've enjoyed the much loved "designer" version of the Penguin Classic collection, you will be so happy to know that Amazon now has more books to add to the collection.  I am so very excited to someday add to my collection:
(how great is the treasure island palm & parrot?)

Oh, but wait... 
My absolute, and I mean ABSOLUTE FAVE is LITTLE WOMEN.  
Ihave adored and loved Louisa May Alcott since a little girl.  
I have been to her home a dozen times outside of Boston. I'm so happy that Penguin 
has made Little Women into a "designer" book.  Oh! I love this collection.


  1. these are on my list. I want to own the collection.

  2. Someday is right! I have had these "on the list" for a year now! And I know its not going to happen this year!
    p.s. Anthro also started selling them. Although I haven't been to Gateway to see if they have any at our store.


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