My Nightstand + My Bedroom

Here is my nightstand that I have had for about 8 years now. 
I really wanted to get a glass nightstand, but can't really justify the purchase, 
so I decided to use metallic spray paint instead.
And here is the outcome...
I'm happy because the metallic makes the nightstands pop a little more.


Here are a few other pics of my bedroom.
They were taken before I painted the nightstands.
I'm still trying to find something I love to go over the bed, 
but I've been looking for about 3 years now, and just have yet to find the right thing.  
That is why I'm thinking of putting up wallpaper.  Now, I just need to find the right wallpaper.  
I know, I'm slow.

and this is the normal condition of my bed... 
my kids love to play and jump and snuggle.  
They love our bed too.


  1. Oh wow. OK:
    1. The nightstand turned out great!
    2. I love the little cupcake stand you're using as a jewelry holder. Great idea!
    3. The little moss balls are fab.
    4. Your kids clearly have moxie - they're all sassy in those photos.

  2. I love the zebra pillows with your bedding.--See I would have never thought of that! The night stand turned out great.

  3. Cute bedroom. . .it's fun to get a little glimpses into your life :) I love your jewelry holders, I constantly trying to find a way to organize mine. I really like the idea of displaying it - especially if you have great pieces - which you do!

  4. I really like your bedding and the nightstand looks great. Your kids are SOOOO cute and are definitely sassy!

  5. I love seeing into your home, Alisa! I love your style when it comes to interiors, and some day I'd love to hire you.

    I love all the kids on the bed, you're a lucky mom.

  6. LOVE it! My friend recently used paint like that on her nightstands and I adore the look!

    P.S. How adorable are your children!! If I could have some like that , I'd have them tomorrow:)


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