Elizabeth Kimberly Designs: part II... still speechless

I have already freaked out about the work of Elizabeth Kimberly Design
but I feel like their work deserves some more adoration and love.   

This room seems so inviting and calming. There is NO WAY 
a room like that could survive my children... 
they would have it ruined in 5 min.'s.


Love the bright colors and graphic panels


What a great mantel! These natural elements and textures are so great against the 
white walls and mantel.

I need to find that coffee table! How great is that? I love the texture, color, and height.  
Those egg prints are so different and fun and love the color combination. 
I've shared this kitchen before, but it is one of my faves, so here it is again.  
I la la love that table and banquette.
  Does anyone know where I could find that table?

I'm hoping to get in a little yard/garden work this weekend. Any fun plans for you?
Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!

1 comment:

  1. these are gorgeous. love all the eggs hung in a row.


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