Woodland Fairy Birthday Party

I'm finally posting the photos from Ashy's 6th Birthday Party. 
She chose to have a Woodland Fairy Party, which I was excited about, since there are so many fun things to do with that theme! The challenge came with the weather... 
every idea I had would have been great if we didn't have snow on the ground.  
Even without the "woodlands" we had a wonderful time and the girls were darling fairies! 
I contacted Paper & Pigtails to do the invites and cupcake toppers,
 but I also asked her to make a custom Fairy Bingo and I think they turned out so darn cute! 
As the fairies arrived the girls made crowns and door signs. We then had a scavenger hunt where they found pinecones, rocks, leaves, their fairy wings and wands. 
We then had a little tea party, but I forgot to take photos of the fairy food. 
 Afterwards we played fairy bingo and then some traditional games like warm/cold with a pinecone, 
and button, button who-has-the-button, but with a rock.

The red and white polka dot mugs and plates are from Pottery Barn a few years ago. 
 I thought they made a great mushroom-look addition. I used a sequin squirrel and rabbit, white owls, pine cones, moss, rocks, etc. to try and add the woodland effect.  
(this is obviously around Christmas time... yes, I'm totally aware that it has taken me quite a while to post. Yikes!)

Some sites that I referred to for some of our party ideas were:


  1. How lovely! Happy birthday to your pretty girl!

  2. Found you through googling! Totally cute party! I'm also throwing a Woodland fairy party. I see that we had similar ideas and also had Paper and Pigtails create invitations.

    My sweet girls party is on Apr 2nd. If you dont mind, would you please check your email. I just had to no more about this cute party and some a few ideas. Thanks!


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