Island Park, Idaho with Family

We had such a great time with our family in Island Park. It is such a beautiful place, such a gorgeous lake, and there is so much to do! We loved it!
My lovely parents, siblings, and niece and nephew

a beautiful Springs that is very clear and cold
fishing for craw dads! They don't look appetizing, but if you like lobster, you'll enjoy these!
Nana had the kids doing some fun art projects.
Jared was always right-on-top of the creation of our nightly fire.
Sea-dooing was too much fun! Water was cold, but did not scare Shaun from skiing and Jared from Knee-boarding.
The lake was just beautiful!
There are so many fun and beautiful cabins surrounding the lake.
Here is my A-girl hanging out and playing in the sand.
Yellowstone was beautiful and chilly! What are the chances we chose the same day to go to Yellowstone as President Barrack Obama? Needless to say, it was a bit crowded.

Fun family times!
My three little bears
and my little monkey!

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