DIY: Framed Wallpaper Picture


We've had this old family photo up for four years. I've never liked the frame around it, and have been especially annoyed by it the last couple of years. Finally, I decided to do something about it! FINALLY! I ordered some wall paper from Walls, bought white spray paint from Home Depot, and purchased a matte to surround the "picture." Here is the result! I am quite pleased and love how refreshing it is to have a "different" frame in that location. This wall paper is fantastic and I'm thinking of using it on the back of my cabinet piece. When I ever get to that project, I'll show pics.
I have framed wall paper in two other places in my home. I'll show those pics later too. I love wallpaper ! After spending hours tearing down my mom's old wallpaper, I never thought I'd say that about wallpaper.....but have you seen how fun, unique, and sophisticated it is lately? Wow! If putting it on a wall sounds a little over-the-top right now, then framing it is a great idea! I think I'm ready to wallpaper a bathroom, entry, or one wall in my bedroom. I have to find just the right print for that.

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  1. i love it! hmm...i'm thinkin' i need to try this!


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