The Secret Garden at the Mirage

So Vegas knows how to make a "zoo" amazing! We took the kiddos to the Secret Garden at the Mirage. It is really neat to see the dolphins up close... I mean you can get right up to the pool and touch them. My kids were playing ball with a dolphin! There was a baby dolphin and a baby leopard, and they were darling. I have never seen white lions, tigers, and leopards so well groomed and fed! These cats are very well taken care of and they are remarkably beautiful. I was very impressed with this place! It is one of the few great things to do with the family in Vegas. We also went to the Red Rocks and did a little hiking. Red Rocks is neat, just because you don't expect a place like that right outside of Vegas. It doesn't really compare to the beauty of southern Utah though. Hopefully I'll be able to download pictures again soon:)

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