Stars Wars Obsession

For the past 3 months my children, especially I-Man, have been obsessed with Star Wars. We have watched all 6 movies and the new Clone Wars movie. Mr. D and I-Man love to play the Legos Star Wars Wii together. I-Man basically had a Star Wars birthday and added many figures and light sabers to the collection. Well, we had such a cute moment tonight amid the yucky details of the 3rd movie. Ashy started crying because she was so upset that Anakin is the one that turned into Darth Vader. After the Clone Wars movie and cartoons, you really grow an attachment to Anakin. Much more than the first 3 movies. Ashy is so cute and so loving! I felt terrible that she had to learn that bit of information. At such a young age it is hard to understand the bad in the world. I guess at any age it is hard to understand. I wish that we could shield our children from the bad forever! On a side note...why are there so many weird names and details in Star Wars ? Mr. D and my kids are great at remembering everything. Me, not so good.

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  1. Alisa your kids are totally into Star Wars! When I watched them while you were away they couldn't stop telling me all about Star Wars. We watched one of the many together, and I was surprised at all they knew. They answered all of my questions, and I found it hilarious. Macie was super confused as to why Isaac and Ash were so into them. She didn't find any joy in them at all. Your kids were so good, and so sweet. Jack followed me around the entire time. He was my little sweet buddy, and would give me snuggle from time to time. We had fun chillin' at your house.


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